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ROGER AND GALLET With years of expertise, the French perfume brand Roger & Gallet continuously thrives with its collection of perfumes that are borne of a penchant for rare natural ingredients. Although the company was founded in 1852 by Charles Armand Roger and Charles Martial Gallet, its history roots to 1806 when the first Eau de Cologne associated with the brand was created. The perfumery, in fact, has excelled in the industry even from its earliest days. Jean Marie Farina, from whom the company’s distillation techniques were based, was actually an official supplier to Napoleon I. The brand’s authentic know-how and seasoned taste are manifested in all its products up to this day.

Still not convinced? Well, aside from perfumery, the company’s success has made it branch out to adding various other body products—like luxuriously-made soap—and candles in its offerings. All of these come in scents that cater to both men and women. To date, the company has produced 26 well-received and widely-loved perfumes. Roger & Gallet didn’t thrive for two centuries for nothing. Why not get one from feelingsexy.com.au and experience this rare gem of a brand for yourself?
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