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MOROCCANOIL HEAT STYLING PROTECTION 250ml Styling"Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection The absolute hair product of all hair products is the Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection. It protects the hair from damage brought by excessive hair treatment – blow drying, hair colouring, and curling, among others. The innovative formula of the Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection shields the hair from the harmful chemicals of hair treatment and breakage caused by heat. Argan oil makes hair shiny, and its antioxidants such as almond oil and Vitamins A and E keep the hair naturally moisturised. Worry No More with Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection Many people undergo through several hair treatments and styling to look the way they want. Of course, our hair is very style-able and it gives us a different look and personality with every hairstyle. However, hair styling, which may involve blow drying, colouring, and curling, can be quite damaging and unhealthy for the hair. Heat combined with the potentially strong and harsh chemicals that hair products contain strips away our hair’s natural moisture. Not only are artificial products harmful for the hair, but also are natural environmental elements such as the wind and heat from the sun. Our hair can only take so much damage. With excessive and continuous styling and heating, the damage can be excessive that it will be difficult to restore its natural health. That’s why Moroccanoil introduces the Heat Styling Protection as a solution to this inevitable problem. Its vitamins and antioxidants will keep the hair’s moisture balanced in all kinds of weather, so that your hair remains soft and shiny. It’s infused with argan oil that leaves your hair with a glossy finish. It also prevents colour fading if you have coloured hair. Your Crown’s Best Friend Worry no more the next time you blow dry your hair, for this product will assure you that your hair is safe from breakage. To use, divide hair into small sections. Hold the bottle 8 to 10 inches away from each section of hair, then spray a small pump. Comb through your hair before styling it with a blow dryer or an iron. Ready to order? The Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection is available here at FeelingSexy!
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