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Melbourne Warehouse

Since our warehouse is located in Melbourne, there would be no need to wait for a long transit time for product delivery or return. More often than not, your order gets processed within two business days and will be delivered after that. This is as long as the warehouse has available item stock. To know stock availability, please refer to our products page.

Same day processing for items (available in stock)

This status is showing that we can dispatch the item you ordered on the same day if the order gets placed and processed before 2 pm on a business day. If the item was processed after 2 PM, then the dispatch will be on the next day.

Leaves warehouse in a few days (available in stock)

There are some items cannot be processed and dispatch immediately even if the transaction was done before 2PM. These reasons include packaging, quantity confirmation, and the like. In such cases, we will be displaying the dispatch date on our product page. In most cases if this status is shown on the product page, the product will be dispatch within 2 working days.

Presale purchase transactions

By choosing this transaction, you have agreed to wait until we receive the item stock before we proceed with the delivery of the item. We will be displaying our dispatch date on the product page to make sure that you are looped in the shipping schedule.