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The perfume house of Parfums d'Orsay is a truly aristocratic perfume line from France. Philosophy of the house is based on: quality, understatement, character, seduction, praise, creativity and originality. They are very proud of their long tradition and heritage. Although the house never belonged to the Count d'Orsay himself, his perfumes and the romantic air of his name gave birth to the Compagnie Francaise des Parfums d'Orsay, founded in 1908 with the goal to preserve the Count's perfume heritage and develop an aristocratic luxury perfume house on its basis. The founders spared no expense in creating the brand's image: ingredients of the highest quality, Lalique and Baccarat crystal bottles, private factories for producing the perfumes.

The company was very successful and there were many wonderful perfumes created. Some of them, including the legendary perfume created by Alfred d'Orsay himself (Etiquette Bleu) are present in the modern line of d'Orsay perfumes. Count d'Orsay has been the "face" of the house since it was founded. His legendary love story, aristocratic elegance and trend-setting taste were the best possible advertisement for their fine products. No matter how close the meanings of "aristocracy" and "luxury" had been in the human history, at the begining of the 20th century people felt the painful difference between them. D'Orsay is an old perfume house. The earliest edition was created in 1830 and the newest is from 2014. D'Orsay fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Yves Tanguy, Alfred D'Orsay and Olivia Giacobetti.


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