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Your Perfume In A Drink

Posted by: Perfumeaddict, on: Friday, 13 March 2015

What if you can drink the perfume that you are wearing? Certainly, there are perfumes that smell so delicious you almost want to take even a sip, if possible. These days, experience taught us that nothing could be impossible. For instance, seven fine fragrances from the fashion house of Givenchy have been transformed into luscious cocktail concoctions by resident mixologist Tiziano Tasso. Hotel Café Royal in London is serving cocktail drinks inspired by L’Atelier de Givenchy collection of fragrances.

What’s on the menu?

The Givenchy collection is made of seven fine fragrances: Ambre Tigre, Bois Martial, Cuir Blanc, Chypre Caresse, Neroli Originel, Oud Flamboyant, and Ylang Austal.

Ambre Tigre. Key notes of the passionate fragrance are amber, vanilla, and labdanum. The scents are inspired by animal prints, fur, and leather - characteristic of feline fantasies and animal impulses. The mysterious scent of amber is transformed into cocktails using rye American vodka, Dutch honey whisky, and English amber beer.

Bois Martial. The scent evokes wooden fragrances of coconut and with accords of pineapple sage and cedar. Jamaican rum, sage leaves, and pineapple are mixed to create this ultra-structured cocktail.

Cuir Blanc. Leather gloves, the embodiment of French luxury, are the inspiration behind this scent. It is composed of the scents of white leather, white pepper, and white musk. To create this martini style drinks, Siberian pine needle extract was used. The result is a cocktail with a woody and fresh taste.

Chypre Caresse. The fragrance contains lemon, jasmine, angelica, and patchouli. When you smell it, it reminds you of the timeless Haute Couture dress made with evanescent feathers, diaphanous pleats, and fine embroidery. The scent is initially subtle and fresh, and then transforms into deep woody. To make the drinks, gin, jasmine, lemon citrus, and honey are combined.

Oud Flamboyant. Composed of labdanum, leather, and oud, the scent embodies the excellence and creativity of the house of Givenchy. When you smell the perfume, it reminds you of the oriental spirit behind those precious embroidery and golden brown fabrics. The smoky woody fragrance is made into cocktails using the rare combination of mandarin juice and Japanese whisky.

Neroli Originel. Graceful, fashionable, and elegant, the perfume is inspired by the dress worn by Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy’s first muse. It is made of iris, neroli, vanilla, and musk. The elegant perfume is transformed into cocktails by mixing Cognac, vanilla, lemon, and essential oils from bitter orange.

Ylang Austal. The luxurious woody-floral scent is radical, chic, and exotic. It is a mixture of ylang-ylang, mandarin leaf, and sandalwood. To make the drinks, the ethno-chic scent is reproduced through the unusual combination of Rum, orange Curacao, sour apple sherbet, and mandarin oils.

Each of the cocktails possesses the distinct colour and taste similar to the perfumes from Givenchy. It is as if you actually poured what’s on the bottle into the wine glass. The perfumes, meanwhile, have been created using the richest raw materials like vibrant leathers, rare flowers, dazzling fruits, and precious woods. Mixologists at Hotel Café Royal have carefully crafted recipes of the cocktails that mirror the unique characteristics of each of the seven scents. The result is delicious, colourful, and extraordinary tastes of cocktail drinks ala Givenchy.

Innovative Ideas

This is not the first time that fashionable scents have inspired the creation of couture cocktails. In 2014, the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin launched the first bar in the world that was designated to match cocktails with perfumes. Guests who arrive at the Fragrances bar take a scent of perfumes by famous and world-renowned designers like Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, and Yves Saint Laurent. Then, they choose a cocktail based on the notes that catch their olfactory sense. At least 15 cocktails inspired by famous perfumes were concocted at the Fragrances bar.

The goal of Fragrances is not only for guests to enjoy the drinks but also to experience the drinks, said Arnd Heissen, bar manager and brainchild of Fragrances.

Meanwhile, Hotel Café Royal will be serving the Givenchy inspired perfumes for a limited time. The Green Bar is known for its vibrant cocktails that cater to contemporary Londoners as well as hotel guests. Be ready to taste the delicious perfume-inspired cocktails when you visit the Green Bar.

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