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What Your Scent Says About You

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Thursday, 13 February 2014

Finding the perfect scent for a personality is always a treacherous road. There are some who would try their hand at hundreds of quizzes that purportedly determine “the scent” through questions like “who’s your favourite actor?” or “what’s your favourite season?” Some would brave the aggressive perfume sales people at the mall and trust that a few whiffs can lead to “the one”. Of course this often leads to an extravagant purchase of a bottle that seems to clash with the wearer’s personality.

How do we find the perfect match? How do we reduce a multi-faceted personality to a perfume bottle? Read on to find out what scent defines who without taking another beauty quiz or an overwhelming trip to the perfume store.

By scent categories

Most perfumers would solve this mystery by matching scent categories and personalities. Let’s see the top eight scent types and their most prominent notes to see how these define the type of person that wears them.

Floral femmes,
People who smell like jasmine, tuberose and gardenia are said to be feminine and romantic. Ralph Lauren’s Romance or YSL’s Paris are just some of the most popular floral used by girly women.

Aquatic aspirers,
Sea scent lovers are mostly dreamers. They are free-spirited and intellectual. Serge Lutens L’eau Serge and Aqua Di Gio are just some of the most loved marine scents around.

Green sophistication,
Also known as earthy. People who prefer notes of cucumber, basil and green tea can be very chic, bold and dramatic. Very Chanel No. 19

Citrus classics,
Notes like orange and lemon often go well with elegant and confident people. They are classic beauties who shine even when they are at their simplest. They like Clinique’s Happy and Calvin Klein’s CK One.

Sensual Orientals,
Rose, patchouli and musks are the weapons of choice of sexy women who know what they want and know how to get it. Estee Lauder’s Sensuous and Guerlain’s Eau de Shalimar are just two of the sexiest scents around.

Giggly gourmand,
Gourmand notes like vanilla, almond, pepper and chocolate go best with fun personalities. Probably the most popular is Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire.

Fruity cuties,
Bright and colourful personalities match well with fruity notes like watermelon and black cherry. Bubbly people usually sport a lot of colour and a spritz of Juicy Couture.

Spicy UNIs,
A unisex style appeals to spicy notes like leather, incense, sandalwood and amber. These are very eccentric personalities that can give off a strong vibe. Try YSL’s Cinema or Givenchy’s Organza.

By the Colour Rosette Test

If you prefer to find your perfect match through a more scientific method, you may as well try the Colour Rosette Test. As the name implies, this looks into the relationship between personality types, scent and the colours that they evoke. Scent with colours? Yes, a study has shown that we prefer scents that we can identify to and this identification is through the use of colour (e.g. cherry notes are red). The better we can identify, the more pleasing a scent is.

Psychologists Dr. Joachim Mensing and Christa Beck of the Research Institute for Applied Esthetics in Freiburg, West Germany have devised a chart that can be used to identify the scent that our personality desires:

A: Extraverted,
People who chose the colour rosette A are said to be dynamic leaders and risk-takers. They are said to prefer fresh, citrus and floral scents.

B: Introverted,
These people put premium in their individuality without necessarily disregarding harmony. They relate to their environment and yet try to go against it. They like oriental scents.

C: Emotionally ambivalent,
These are romantic daydreamers who also value sentimentality. Kind of paradoxical but that’s where they get most of their charms. They are attracted mostly to light floral scents.

D: Emotionally ambivalent with extraverted mood trend,
Strict disciples of the principle YOLO or “you only live once”. They are lively yet sensitive. They tend to go for floral and floral-fruity scents.

E: Emotionally ambivalent with introverted mood trend,
Careful planners and control freaks compose this group. They go for floral-sweet and oriental notes.

F: Emotionally stable with extraverted mood trend,
Problem solvers and well balanced individuals go for floral-earthy, fruity and animalistic notes.

G: Emotionally stable with introverted mood trend,
Individuals in this group seek a well-balanced emotional state and floral-powdery scents.

H: No independent fragrance need,
Just emotionally stable. People from this group has no specific fragrance need and can go for any fragrance from A-G.

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