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What Would Santa Claus Smell Like?

Posted by: Mia Hudson, on: Thursday, 24 December 2015


Everyone knows what he looks like, but if you could describe how he would smell like, how would you describe it?

Christmas is just a few hours away and Christmas carols fill the air. There are a lot of carols particularly about this one chubby, jolly, old man, who wears a red cloak with white collar and cuffs, paired with red pants, a big black leather belt, black boots, and donning a full white beard and moustache, whom kids eagerly await to come the eve of Christmas. He goes by many names - Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Pierre Noel, Sinterklaas, Babbo Natale, Saint Nicholas or Saint Nick for short, but is mostly known for the name Santa Claus. Not everyone may believe in him, but everybody knows his name and everybody knows what he looks like, thanks to a collection of Christmas movies and Christmas advertisements year on year that feature him. But if you would actually meet him in person, what do you think would he smell like? Here are my guesses.


Even though eggnog is available all year round, this beverage is particularly popular during the Thanksgiving season up until the Christmas holidays. It is a dairy-based drink that is composed of milk or cream, sugar, whipped eggs, and a touch of spirits like brandy, rum, or bourbon. It is believed to be Santa Claus' favourite drink. Ever wonder why he is often portrayed with a red nose and reddish cheeks? Too much alcohol in his eggnog maybe. So if you come closer to him when you meet him, you just might get a good whiff of that glass of eggnog he just chugged down.

Milk and Cookies

Traditionally, kids all over the world would leave milk and cookies by the Christmas tree or by the chimney as a treat for Santa. They know that he is up for a very long night of delivering gifts all over the globe and these simple treats are supposed to help him recharge his energy. So he would probably smell like milk and cookies too with all those he would have to eat every time he does a quick stopover.


They often say when you spend a long time with your pets, you would end up smelling like them. As with horsemen or horse caretakers would eventually get the stench of their horses on their sleeves, or probably shepherds with their sheep. When Santa delivers all those gifts overnight, he would be spending a lot of time with his beloved reindeers. So I guess their smell would be stuck on him somehow too.


The North Pole is believed to be home to Santa Claus' dwelling place. And since in this place it snows all year long, Santa is supposed to get that snow scent on him too. Not everyone in the world experiences snow though and hopefully by catching Santa Claus' scent you'll be able to get of whiff of what snow is like.

Gifts and Wrapping Paper

Newly opened gifts actually have a certain scent. Is it the special crafty wrapping paper used? Or perhaps the invisible magic that brings happiness to each one who opens a gift? Since Santa Claus is the bringer of good tidings and joy, the smell of gifts and wrapping paper would likely be on him too.

New Toys

One of the main attractions in the North Pole would be Santa's toy factory, where his elves prepare for Christmas presents for the nice kids all year round. I would imagine the factory to have that newness scent, alongside with the smell of shiny new plastic. This could be one of the scents fit for jolly old Saint Nicholas.


As Christmas stories put it, Santa Claus delivers gifts supposedly secretly so he doesn't knock on the front door nor enters through the windows like a thief, but he does this instead by going down the chimney and leaving the gifts by the Christmas tree. But no one has yet explained the mystery of how he does it to those homes without a chimney or a fireplace.

In the 1994 Santa Clause movie which starred Tim Allen, this mystery was answered - for those homes which didn't have a chimney, it magically appears once Santa steps up into the roof. Well that means one thing, Santa Claus would most probably smell like coal or soot with all those chimneys he would be sliding down to. Unless he magically cleans up himself after every home he visits.

Santa Claus is one of those famous figures behind Christmas, and no one really knows if he did exist and still does exist. So these assumptions on how he would smell when one meets him are all just smart guesses.

What about you? What are your wild guesses? What would Santa Claus probably smell like?

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Author: Mia Hudson

Graduated in late 2003 from School of Computer Science in RMIT University majoring in software engineering. Employed by Coles Group developing Coles Online until it was taken over by Wesfarmers in 2007. Co-Founder of and Lead programmer since 2006.

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