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What Perfume To Wear On A First Date

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Wednesday, 03 September 2014

On a first date, you are dressed to impress. Whether you may be a male or a female, you always think about how to present your best foot forward to your date. You always would want to show the best version of yourself. You always want to be prepared to give the best impression of who you are as a person.

This may sound superficial and shallow but the first thing in making a good impression about who you are as a person is by making your physical attributes flattering. You can begin by having a nice hair cut, and then make sure to have your nails done. Make sure that you take a good bath because good hygiene is always a positive thing in any first date. Next is to dress for the occasion by picking out an outfit and shoes that will make you feel comfortable and confident with yourself.

Lastly and equally important, you would think about what kind of scent or perfume would you wear to your first date. Here are some ideas for you about that.

Clean and Soft Perfume

Would you be wearing a citrusy smell? An oriental or woody smell? Would it be strong? Would it be soft? Sexy or just natural? Maybe you should not be wearing any perfume? These are the common questions that one asks before going on a first date. Based on experience, the consensus is that people on first dates would not want a scent that is too powerful.

A good recommendation is to have a clean and fresh scent. This gives an impression that you are a person who is clean and always takes care of his or her personal hygiene. Choose a perfume that is soft to smell, because you still do not know the person you are dating. This person may have allergies to your type of perfume. Plus, most people do not like a strong smelling perfume that is applied all over the body. It is a little bit of a turn off. So, a simple suggestion is to be safe by smelling clean, fresh, and soft.

Where to Apply the Perfume

You can have this type of clean scent by having just a subtle way of applying the perfume. Always remember that in order to smell soft and clean, you have to only spray a little bit of the perfume on yourself. This is accomplished by spraying the perfume in front of your body and not directly.

Then, walk over the place where you sprayed it. This should also be done after taking a bath because this is the perfect time where your fresh skin and pores easily absorbs the scent of the perfume.

Common Perfume Mistakes

There are a lot of misconceptions about the application of perfume on the body. Some of the most common perfume mistakes involve applying it on your neck or on your clothes.

Some people think that applying it on the neck would make the fragrance of the perfume better. However, you should always think ahead. Having a neck that is applied with chemicals from the perfume can have a bad consequence if you are outside and the sun is strong. There could be a skin pigmentation discolouration due to this chemical reaction. To add to this, the neck is a place where one is usually kissed, and the perfume could taste bitter if applied on the neck.

Furthermore, some people think that you should apply perfume on your clothes because it helps enhance the scent. But this is not entirely true, you are in the risk of destroying your clothes if you do this.

Always remember that perfumes have very strong chemicals that may result in discoloured clothes too. And sometimes, this causes a very strong smell if you overdo it - you already applied the perfume on your skin, and now you will also apply it on your clothes? That is redundancy and it will create a very strong smell.

First Impression Scent

To sum up, the type of scent you bring on your first date could make or break your first impression on your future partner. Remember that first impressions last, so you should make sure that everything is perfect especially when choosing your scent for the date.

Forget the common misconceptions when applying your perfume and stick to the basics of subtle application. Be safe by smelling clean, fresh, and natural.

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