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What ‘Feeling Sexy’ Is All About?

Posted by: Dr. Maria Dublin, on: Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What does ‘feeling sexy’ actually mean? More often than not, people fixate on the ‘sex’ part of ‘sexy’, attaching a negative stigma to wanting to ‘feel sexy’ or already ‘feeling sexy’. To them, feeling sexy means wanting to have sex, which is so far from the truth.

When do you Feel Sexy?

Have you ever had one of those great days where you feel that nothing in the entire world can bring you down? You walk with your head held high, and all heads are turning your way. This feeling could have been brought on by anything big or small – a nice compliment by a loved one, or landing the biggest job interview of your life. Conversely, it could have been brought on by nothing at all – you really just woke up feeling this wonderful. Whatever it is, those that you interact with would describe it as ‘je ne sais quoi’, a distinct attractiveness that comes from within. This is what feeling sexy is.

Feeling sexy, therefore, is not about wanting or giving off the vibe that you want sex. Rather, feeling sexy is all about sex appeal. It is that subtle and intriguing quality that draws people to you, an inner strength that exudes confidence and acceptance of yourself.

When do you Start Feeling Sexy?

Admittedly, being completely accepting of yourself is easier said than done. As human beings, we have a tendency to be extra hard on ourselves, to focus on our shortcomings rather than celebrate our assets. This causes us to be insecure and vulnerable to others who are also unsure of themselves. Consequently, we wrongly try to seek validation by playing upon our insecurities.

The quest to mitigate our insecurities can certainly be a perilous journey. Especially when we are younger, we often try to compensate for our insecurities by partaking in actions and words that may not be considered to be very wise. These attempts to turn insecurity into security may hurt others as well as ourselves. It often takes time, experience and a great deal of wisdom to address your insecurities the healthy way. Some are never able to overcome their insecurities while others need a little bit of help.

How do you Feel Sexy?

For those needing a little bit of help to gain some confidence, there are fortunately many ways to do this. You can go the expensive route and invest in courses and counselling, proven to be effective but of an extreme approach. You can hone in on your talents and do what it is that you really love to do, which may take more than a few weeks and require time that you may not have.

There is, however, an easy, quick and inexpensive way to boost your confidence. It requires no training, a little bit of money and some research. This instant mood-lifter will embrace you on a bad day and jump for joy with you on a good one. It will be with you day and night, and realign you when you feel out of balance. What is this essence we speak of? Wearing a perfume.

Feeling Sexy with your Favourite Perfume

Perfume is the ultimate way to feel sexy. This liquid courage is a beautiful and luxurious substance which we adorn ourselves with at the beginning of the day. Once applied, it cannot be seen, making it a mysterious and intriguing accessory Of course, like other methods which seek to build your confidence, perfume can be misused and abused. That is why selecting a perfume is an endeavour that should not be taken lightly. Play the field wisely by sampling as many perfumes as possible before you settle down with the one that complements you the best.

Once you have found ‘the one’, be ready for a lifelong partnership. Your chosen fragrance will be what others associate with you. While you may dabble with others on different occasions, your signature fragrance will be the one that brings you back to a place of security and acceptance.

When you select a perfume, you are not merely selecting a fragrance which makes you smell nice. You are selecting a substance which allows you to hold your head high and to fight your insecurities with a gentle inner strength. That is what ‘feeling sexy’ is all about and that no less than what our company, Feeling Sexy, supports and promotes.

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