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Wearing Perfume Round The Clock

Posted by: Perfumeaddict, on: Wednesday, 02 April 2014

Everyone loves it when the gorgeous boss walks in the corridors of the firm to her corner office leaving nothing but her fragrant perfume in the hallway. Such scent is an instant air freshener, keeping the halls smelling fresh and clean. It also motivates employees all day long.

Since time immemorial, wearing perfume has been a part of the OOTD – outfit of the day. People spray it according to the style of outfit they would wear that day. It is also a mode of defining one’s self. An independent person usually goes for woody and musky scents while happy-go-lucky types prefer fruity fragrances. You could be that person who smells fresh and clean round the clock. You just need to follow a few tips to make your fragrance last longer.

Tip #1 Start with shower

Starting in the shower does not literally mean you would bathe in your favourite perfume. That would only waste the fragrant liquids and would cost you more than what you have been charged for the bottle. To start layering your fragrance in the shower, purchase and use bath products with the same scent as your perfume. Your shower gel, body lotion, and even after-shave lotion should have the same scent as the perfume you intend to wear all day long. After a steamy bath, immediately spray a bit of your perfume to your body. Your pores are opened up after the shower making the scent stick to the inner layers of your skin.

Tip #2 Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Again, your lotion should have a relatively similar fragrance to the one you intend to wear for the day. Moisturise your arms and legs while they are still a bit damp. Your body lotion will be the second layer of your fragrance. After moisturising your body, lightly spray your perfume again. The lotion will help soak in the scent.

If your moisturising lotion does not have the same scent as your perfume, you can use petroleum jelly before spraying your perfume. Layer on the petroleum jelly and spray, dab or wipe your perfume on top of it.

Tip #3 Finding pulse points

Pulse points are parts of the body which work like an oil diffuser. These spots emanate heat which can help the fragrance radiate from your skin into the air and into the hallway you pass by.

These pulse points are the inner wrists, base of throat, behind ear lobes, cleavage, behind knees, and inner elbows. Caution, though, do not overspray and dab your perfume on all these points. Just choose one or two points where you will spray the perfume once or twice each point. Another point to consider - when you are spraying on your wrists - avoid rubbing them together. The friction would increase the heat and interaction between the perfume and your skin’s natural oils which can affect the fragrance you used.

Tip #4 Utilise your long hair

Your long hair is not just there as your crowning glory. You can use it to your advantage to smell good all day, all night. Spray your perfume on your freshly-washed hair. An unwashed hair has many natural oils which would affect the scent. Remember that in applying fragrances on your hair, you should spray, at least, eight inches from your hair. Spraying too close would make your hair dry and rough.

Tip #5 Choose a strong base

Some scents, like pine, patchouli, vanilla, and musk, naturally last longer than others. If it suits your mood, you might want to try these strong base notes. If you start with a strong and lasting scent, it would be easier to feel and smell fresh all day long.

Being and staying fragrant is not just some form of vanity. If you smell good, it would be easy to make the person you are having a meeting with to say ‘yes’ to your proposals. Perfume is both a part of your outfit and a confidence booster.

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