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Uplift Your Mood With Scents From The Garden

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Monday, 07 July 2014

Perfumes and mood-boosting scents are not only found in shops and markets. If you are in need of an easy and quick fragrance, you just look out the window. Your favourite scents can also be found by your doorstep, on the front lawn, or at your backyard. A floral garden nearby will give you lots of beautiful aromas that can easily satisfy your olfactory cravings.

If you are looking for a perfume to not just make you smell good but will also boost your mood, nothing beats the natural scent that you can find in a garden. Here are a few scents that you can look for if you need a boost:

1. Jasmine

These tiny flowers’ forms and hues are not only pleasing to the eyes, their smell can actually help ease depression, too. A 2010 study from Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand found that the smell of jasmine creates a sense of alertness that can lead to an uplifted mood. A series of studies at Rutgers University reveals that floral scents are powerful emotion inducer, and a whiff can immediately associate with happy thoughts.

2. Citrus

Vitamin C has always been a miracle worker. Revitalise your senses not just by drinking but also by smelling. Lemon and oranges are not just popular for the vitamins that help our body, a sniff of the fruit can also boost energy.

Citrus scents from lemons, limes, and oranges can stimulate alertness, reduce anxiety, and cure chronic fatigue. So if you are after a pick-me-upper, set aside coffee or other harmful stimulants. A natural and healthy stimulant is always the better choice. Grab a fruit and inhale the sweet scent of citrus.

3. Olive Oil

Using olive oil boasts a lot of benefits. It is found to reduce chances of getting a stroke or just takes care of your heart in general. However, for ladies on a diet, a sniff of this oil may help reduce cravings. Yes ladies, a scent that can help you limit food intake.

A study from the German Research for Food Chemistry discovered that this oil can more likely make a person feel satisfied after a meal compared to others. Not just that, a report from the New York Times said that the scent of olive oil improved their blood sugar response. So next time you feel the need to cheat on your diet, get that olive oil and sniff away.

4. Peppermint

Feeling competitive and in need of added motivation? Research says that a smell of peppermint could be linked to greater cognitive stamina, motivation, and overall performance. Aside from its proven benefit of giving a sweet breath, it can also help you concentrate giving competitive athletes and workaholics the extra push in order to achieve an excellent performance.

5. Lavender

This olfactory panacea can be considered as the superhero of all scents. A recent study from the School of Medicine of the University of Miami also showed that sniffing lavender "had a significant transient effect of improving mood, making people feel more relaxed, and performing math computations faster."

Lavender has been shown to soothe anxiety, improve mood, ease physical pain, and even increase sexual arousal. Yes, you read it right. The smell of lavender mixed with pumpkin scent can serve as an aphrodisiac. Researchers from The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation discovered that 40 per cent of the male subjects responded positively to this mixture.

You do not need to dash to the nearest store to get the fragrance fix that you need. These pure scents in the garden can be very effective in boosting whatever mood you have or ease the stress of daily life. It will also be a good choice to think of creating your own garden if you don’t have one.

Plant your own fragrance collection and reap the fruits of your labour. There’s nothing more relaxing than seeing the beauty you created and smelling the beautiful aromas they provide.

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