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The Signature Scent For Every Man

Posted by: Perfumeaddict, on: Friday, 18 July 2014

Ask any woman about what she likes in a man and “smelling good” would be a popular answer. Even the most unattractive in the male species can get the attention of a woman if he smells terrific. How a man smells doesn’t only tell how he takes care of his hygiene - it also boasts of how well he knows himself. Just by taking a whiff of a man’s perfume, you will know his stature in life and the things that he likes.

How a man presents and carries himself in front of people is one of the most admirable characteristics. Women can smell confidence from afar and if this man is wearing a macho scent, he goes to the top of a woman’s chart.

There are three theories why people wear perfume.

One, they want to conceal an odour that they think is bad.

Two, they want to appear elusive or mysterious, characteristics that human pheromones give and believed to be a powerful tool in mating.

Third, it is believed that using perfume will fortify a human’s natural scent that it gives the notion of sexual attractiveness.

These three may hold true especially that of masking bad odours. However, bad odour is the result of poor hygiene so there’s nothing good cologne can do about it.

Man Talk: How to Smell Good

During the 15th anniversary of Vogue.com, Tom Ford wrote about 15 things every man should have. Within the list, he mentioned that a man should have a signature scent. He spoke of having cologne that becomes signature.

So how does a man know that aftershave will not suffice? When does one wear perfume and how does he go about finding the right one?

Choosing a cologne.

Choosing a cologne that compliments your personality will do you no wrong. If you are intensely goal-oriented but can be quite easy-going, pick a scent that has greenery and citrus smells. Fresh colognes like Calvin Klein Escape or Lacoste Essential can be a good fit.

Aromatic colognes like Davidoff Cool Water or Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme contain fruity and spicy scents that can fit men who have sophisticated styles. Aromatic colognes are also for people who make things around them look cool. For those who have strong personalities, woody colognes like Cartier Must Pour Homme can be a good fit. Woody scents are for leaders who have nurturing personalities.

If you are out to buy your signature scent, make sure that you don’t choose based on sniffing the scents from the strips of paper handed to you in perfume shops. Remember that the scent on paper will be different on your skin. What you can do is to spray some on the inside of your wrist and let it dry for a while.

After that, take a whiff and the smell that you get is what it would be like when sniffed by someone.

Applying your Cologne.

Now that you have chosen your signature scent, do you just spray it around your body for full effect? The answer is no.

Before putting your shirt on after you take a shower is the best time to apply your cologne. Spray some into the air before you and walk into it. Yes, just like the ones you see in movies. However, if you’re already dressed and you forgot to apply your cologne, just spray some at the back of your neck and your wrists. These are the best parts to naturally diffuse more scent than any part of your body.

Another thing to take note of is that the weather also affects your scent. If it’s hot, the scent of your cologne will be more intense especially of mixed with sweat. You also need to take it easy if you have oily skin because it tends to amplify the scent. So how much is enough? One or two spritzes is enough to make you smell nice.

Now that you know how to properly choose and apply cologne, you are set to conquer whatever field you choose. As an added tip, make sure you don’t mix scents. Unless you want to confuse people, check that the scent of your aftershave and cologne are compatible.

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 When I was younger (much younger) man, David Jones (Canberra) had a mature gentleman who looked after the men's fragrances at the store. I never forgot what he told me about the secret to smelling good - it starts in the shower! A good body wash and scrub to revitalise your skin and remove your old scent and then just small amounts of your favourite cologne at your wrists and the back of your neck (like your article says). You can't go wrong - but don't forget a good shower gel and scrub first!