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The Scent We Know

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Heed these four tips to help you find your signature scent. Plus, some perfume facts that may come in handy!

There's always a scent perfect for different moods, occasions, weather or purpose. Usually, you want to smell fresh and dewy during daytime, and if you're feeling hot and sexy, a spicy, musky scent ups your mood to get cosy with someone. Some prefer to wear scents to mask unwanted odour after staying under the sun, or just to make a lasting impression.

Have you ever wondered why some scents remind you of a certain person? Say, once you get a whiff of Coco Mademoiselle, the first thing that comes to mind is that girl who sat beside you in one of your subjects in the Uni? Or just the mere scent of Kenneth Cole Black makes you want to get home soon and spend some quality time with your special someone? A number have their signature scent, so why can't you?

So whatever intent you have in choosing the perfume that'll match your personality, do take note the following secrets in picking the right scent to make a lasting impression:

The final note

Perfumes come to life from a myriad of essences and oils from plants. These are called absolutes. So fragrant, these give your favourite spritz its powerful scent, known as notes. The top note of a perfume is the first thing you will smell as soon as you spray it, leaving you with usually a fresh or sharp impression. As soon as the top note dissipates, it leaves you with the middle note, or the bouquet of the scent. The heart of the scent mellows down the initial smell that the top note gave off. After the bouquet, the final note of the perfume gives the scent its final and true scent, and is usually rich and deep compared to the first two notes.

In choosing your signature scent, you must consider the scent of the final note of the perfume. Spritz the perfume you want to smell first in a piece of cardboard, let it dry a little bit, and smell it. Have a whiff of it again after five minutes. Like it? Go on and try it onto your wrists. If it appeals you from its top note down to the base, then you can say that you're ready to commit.

Learn the concoction

Have you scrutinised different bottles of perfumes? In case you don't know yet, there exists a scent family that categorises fragrances according to percentage of oil-alcohol-water mixture.

To make things simpler:

• Eau de Cologne has three to 5% of oil in an alcohol-water mixture. If you want to smell fresh and clean, go and grab a bottle of this!

• Eau de Toilette contains 4-8% of absolutes, and is typically mixed with just alcohol.

• Eau de Parfum has more oil than alcohol. This one is a tad more expensive than Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette.

• Perfume. Basically, perfumes contain at least 15-30% oil in alcohol. Because of this large mixture, perfumes are a lot pricier than the three previous scents.

Find your fragrance

Want that fresh-out-of-the-shower scent? Pick a citrusy, fruity or a fresh spritzer. If you feel like smelling like a full garden of blooms, sweet and floral scents are your best bet. Are you always in the mood for some romance? Wear an oriental, spicy scent like vanilla or cocoa flavoured perfume. Do you prefer musky scents? You might want to pick fresh notes like lavender and other fresh herb scent.

Remember, as well, that scents will almost always differ on varying skin types. If your skin is frequently parched, notes from your Eau de Toilette will dissipate faster. Pick a stronger concoction, like a Perfume or Eau de Parfum.

Make it last

For your chosen scent to work as a charm, put a dab of perfume on your pulse points as soon as you get out of the shower. The skins of your inner wrists, the centre of the neck and just behind your ears and knees are closest to the blood vessels. These parts radiate heat faster, making the perfume you're wearing more fragrant. It also wouldn't hurt to slather a bit of petroleum jelly to extend the life of your favourite scent.

Carefully choose toiletries as well to complement your fragrance. You don't want the scent of your deodorant or lotion to clash with your perfume, right? The worst thing that could ever happen is overwhelming yourself and those who will stand close to you with multiple scents that may cause dizziness. Yikes!

Do you have a scent in mind now? Be also aware that fragrances worn by your best buddy will not smell the same when you spray it on you. Choose wisely!

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