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The Perfect Spring Scent

Posted by: Perfumeaddict, on: Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Much like how wine can perfectly complement a meal, choosing the right fragrance to wear could enrich any occasion. And now that spring is just around the corner, you might want to start looking for the perfect fragrance to accentuate your spring style and personality. Prepare yourself for the most colourful and feminine season by choosing the perfect perfume to go with it.

Knowing the Notes

What are your favourite fragrances? What about them that you seem to not get enough of? Is it the first notes that you get immediately upon spraying, the aroma that settles after a while, or that seductive fragrance that lingers even after you leave the room?

The scent of a perfume is made up of three parts - the top, middle and base notes. Each note contributes to how a fragrance is experienced by the wearer and those around her.

The top notes make up a perfume’s first impression, and they usually last for 10 to 15 minutes. These fragrances are often sharp and the most intense of the notes. It is the first thing you will smell upon opening a bottle.

The middle notes of a perfume are its heart and soul. It is the fragrance that blooms from the warmth of the skin, and though they may not be the most intense scents, they make up the perfume’s central theme.

Base notes allow aromas to last for hours, and make up the depth and solidity of your favourite perfume by fusing all the other ingredients together. They appear when the middle notes are about to dissipate, allowing a moment of fragrant harmony between the two notes.

Choosing Your Fragrance

Do not let this confuse you though. Choosing your fragrance is really not that complicated. Knowing what you like is sometimes just as easy as remembering what has attracted you before. Look at your collection of perfume, are they mostly floral, oriental or woody?

Let it Settle

However, shopping for a new fragrance should not be done on a whim. Simply sniffing a bottle will only give you a glimpse of a perfume’s full potential. Know that your skin has its own unique scent, too, and that it also influences the fragrance of a perfume once you wear it.

Remember to not judge a bottle in one sniff, because the fragrance that you’re inhaling is only composed of the top volatile notes, and that most of it is only alcohol. Spritz a few on your skin and let it settle for the next 15 minutes. Let it come alive on your skin. Once the middle and base notes have been activated, it will become apparent how the perfume performs on you and on your skin.

Be Inspired by Memories

The best fragrances are personal and intimate. They bring out the richest of emotions, and the happiest of memories. Certain scents become our link to the past. Does the aroma of freshly baked cookies remind your childhood Sunday afternoons? Or do roses remind you of your high school sweetheart, wooing your young heart into falling in love?

Taking a moment to get lost in your memories is a start to finding your true new scent. Find out what brings a smile to your face and a jump in your heartbeat. From there, you can make your way to finding a fragrance that instantly refreshes and inspires you.

Channel your Spring Style

Your inspiration in finding your spring fragrance may be hiding in your closet. Peek inside your wardrobe and see what look you are aiming for this spring. Choose a scent that best represent your style and will complete your overall personal flair.

The Best Spring Perfumes

If you’re still stuck, it isn’t cheating to copy other people’s personal favourites. At the very least, it will point you to the right direction, so that further down the path you might discover your own fragrance. Read up on lists online, or ask your friends whose personal style you admire, and you feel that are closest to your own.

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