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The Fragrance Bros Turn The Fragrance Heads Onto Their Heads

Posted by: Perfumeaddict, on: Friday, 23 May 2014

Certainly perfumery can be considered to be a non-visual art form. It involves the perfect blend of different elements to create something that is truly appealing to a particular sense. Noses and perfumeries around the world try to best each other in creating that perfect scent, the one that will turn their brand into a global success.

Perfume critics: what gives?

As an art form, fragrance is becoming scrutinized in a similar way to how visual art and the culinary arts are critiqued. Reviews are written by black-clad individuals who describe elements of an art form with abstract terms that the general public pretend to understand in an attempt to look cultured but really have no idea what they mean. These critics can make or break the success of a particular piece or an artist. Food critics are particularly vicious when it comes to this. ‘The piece of dead animal which was served to me as filet mignon lacked substance and ingenuity’ is just one of the dozens of cutting reviews that a haughty reviewer could put forth.

The perfume industry is no different. Perfume reviewers (we’ll refer to them as fragrance heads) are an interesting breed; self-proclaimed and often with little to no training in the art of perfumery, they put forward an air of superiority when they advise others on what fragrance to select. You wouldn’t need them as much as you would need a food critic (you may dine at a restaurant at least once a week whereas you’ll only buy a new fragrance maybe once a year), so that causes them to exude even more pretentiousness on the critiquing perfumery. Perfume companies beware - perfumistas, as they can be referred to, can make or break a fragrance using an abstract set of terminology that sounds fancy but don’t really make any sense and are not backed up by any formal training.

The Fragrance Bros

Luckily, there exists a breath of fresh air in the smelly world of fragrance heads. The Fragrance Bros, Jer and Daver, are two guys that aren’t what you would think a perfumista would be like. For one, they are bros. No fancy suits or slicked back hair in a leather armchair, these guys casually talk about fragrances in a couch fit for any gamer in funny logo tees; not unlike Beavis and Butthead. Another thing that separates them apart from the herd is that they keep it real. Their reviews are easy to understand and highly entertaining.

Unlike typical fragrance heads who take themselves way too seriously, the Fragrance Bros keep things light-hearted. They know how silly some of the terms that fragrance heads employ; in fact, they even made a video highlighting the silly things that fragrance heads say. Here are a few of the popular phrases used by fragrance heads and teased by the fun-loving Fragrance Bros:

Niche fragrance.
The exclusivity of certain product will always make it appeal more to us. Brands and fragrance heads know this – therefore, they’ll use fancy terms to hint at a fragrance’s exclusivity. Once a term has become popular, it loses its exclusivity so another word is quickly adopted until it eventually becomes replaced with an even more exclusive word. For example, designer was replaced by indie which has now been replaced by niche.

It’s not cologne, it’s perfume.
A common misconception about a fragrance is that cologne is something that a man would wear and that no self-respecting man would wear perfume. However, the difference between cologne and perfume is due to concentration rather than gender. But admittedly, you do sound like a bit of a jerk if you point this out.

Blind buying.
Blind buying refers to purchasing a fragrance without smelling it; instead, you use your instinct and what you’ve read to purchase it. This is not advisable as you should always test out how a fragrance interacts with your skin.

Top 10 Lists.
Fragrance heads love to create top 10 lists to show off their enhanced ability to pair fragrances with seasons, events, et cetera. When it really boils down to it, shouldn’t your opinion matter more than what someone else tells you?

If you have a few minutes to spare, I really recommend you to watch their other videos. You can visit their YouTube channel here

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