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The Famous And Their Famous Scents

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Wednesday, 09 July 2014

Celebrities of today do not stop in just endorsing a famous perfume name; they are now producing lines of fragrances bearing their names! In an interview with Huffington Post, fragrance industry veteran Donald Loftus said, "For a celebrity, having your own perfume creates a legacy. It's also an opportunity for a celebrity to give more connection to fans - for people to take home a piece of you."

Industry experts say that celebrities who created their own scents didn’t mean that they want people to smell like them. It just presents the idea that if people look up to you, they will buy the spirit or the essence of the celebrity and it makes sense that people will want to buy the perfume these celebrities created.

If this is now the standard of popularity or high-level celebrity status, then maybe it is time to explore the top celebrity scents for women that we have on the market. Looking at different lists of most popular celebrity perfumes - from Forbes to Cosmo - we come up with the top five fragrances for women that are always present on these lists, whether it be from a year or some years back.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

It is but fitting to put this amazing fragrance at no. 1. White Diamonds started the trend of celebrities with their line of fragrances in 1991, and by far, they are the most popular in the world.

Two decades after it was first launched, all the lists we encountered still have this powerhouse perfume from the Elizabeth Taylor Collection. Elizabeth Arden executives say that it still remains a bestseller and it is a testament of Taylor’s transcendent and enduring appeal.

Just like the lady who inspired the scent, White Diamonds is very sophisticated and stylish. In 2009, this energetic and feminine scent rose to the Fragrance Hall of Fame.

Glow by Jennifer Lopez

This first signature fragrance of J-Lo broke numerous sales records which signalled inspiration to other celebrities to make their own signature fragrances. In 2006, it brought a worldwide sale of $47 million. This clean-scented fragrance with a soapy, sweet, and powdery trail was meant to target women in late twenties and early 20s.

Heat by Beyoncé

While everybody thought that the fragrance industry was already saturated by celebrity fragrances and there’s no guarantee of big profits, the Queen B made them shut up.

When the fragrance was launched in 2010, it brought in $21 million in sales, and they say it’s not just because of its too-hot-for-TV advertisements. Heat targets women who like to make their presence felt with their musky floral scent.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

This signature scent from no other than the popular Sex and the City star is for the very chic women out there. Crafted to fit the super-feminine, ultra-chic and understated market, this perfume is a mixture of citrus-woody with a touch of lavender.

Lovely is well-loved by women because of its understated elegance and when it was launched in 2005, it ranked among the top five best-selling celebrity fragrances. Makers of Lovely say that this fragrance is for the everyday lady. You can wear it for a day at the park or to brunch with your gal pals – very Sex and the City indeed.

Fantasy by Britney Spears

The perfume inspired by Britney Spears’ ideal paradise was one of the best A-list perfumes launched in 2013. The bestselling celebrity fragrance in the UK in 2013 basically targets the teen market with its playful mix of ripe fruits, cupcake scents, creamy musk, and sensual woods.

Fantasy is also quite hot so women of other ages can also use it if you want a spring or summer scent year round. The scent of this perfume is very reminiscent of a tropical paradise where you can just relax and enjoy nature’s splendour.

These are just some of the many celebrity fragrances that are out in the market today. For more amazingly crafted perfumes, visit feelingsexy.com.au.

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