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The Analysis Of A Luxurious Scent

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Some of us can only dream of a life of utter luxury. Imagine not having a care in the world about mere trifles such as expenses. You can eat anywhere, see a private concert anytime, or fly off to an exotic, private beach using your personal jet. The sky is the limit.

Those fortunate individuals for whom these things are a possibility, there is a concept so luxurious it will put you into mind of being wrapped in a cocoon of cashmere.

Roja Parfums have developed a new opulent line of scents called By Appointment. Named as such simply because to get your hands on one, you will need to—yes, set a private consultation. If that does not say indulgence, then maybe this will.

A bottle of this fragrance is worth a whopping £75,000 or about $117, 877.

If that still does not scream opulence, then I don’t know what will.

The creator redefines bespoke

The price tag may be shocking, but it does come with good reason—and a catch. The catch? Only one—yes, just one—has been created.

So even if you have the £75,000 to shell out, you still may not get your hands on one.

Roja Dove, master perfumer and creator of the bespoke scent, vexed by how some custom-made perfumes decided to bring some semblance of dignity to the craft. His creativity and ingenuity caught the attention of the British Prime Minister. Earning him recognition for his contribution to the world of perfumery.

Creativity, individuality is key

His frustration with existing perfumeries goaded him into crafting this truly magnificent work of art. What makes it unique? ““There are certain companies that do nothing more than take existing formulas and tweak them; the result is akin to having an off-the-peg suit taken in, and the sleeves shortened.”

He continues, “They have nothing in common with the suit made by hand in Savile Row or a couture dress made at Avenue Montaigne. I decided to create a scent that only one person in the world can ever own. Every aspect of the creation is made by hand, including the packaging that houses it. Like a couture dress, it is a true one-off. This is in addition to my existing bespoke service, and just like my bespoke work, you have to make an appointment to smell it—hence its name, By Appointment.”

A more personal touch

The private consultation allows Roja Dove to get to know the customer even better. The line is created for those who are desirous of the luxury of having an individual scent but doesn’t have the luxury of time.

Roja Dove pertains to the personal consultation as the time when he gets to understand the likes and dislikes of the client when it comes to odours. He utilises the consultation as the chance to get to the very centre of the client’s taste. Through a strategic discussion, Roja Dove brings the client to memory lane. He discovers what is there to discover about the client’s olfactory taste. From there, Roja Dove gets the inspiration.

The chest that holds the treasure

The fragrance is not the only work of art opulent package. Nestled in a box truly deserving of its elegance and rarity, By Appointment is in every bit custom-made.

Roja Dove explains, “I wanted to create something that would last, that had an inherent beauty in its design and materials. The integral design is the same as that which I created for all Roja Parfums scents. For the embellishments, I chose others to create bespoke items for me: my jeweller in New York for the gold, amethyst and diamond cap, plaques made of 18-carat gold, 60 carats of AAA amethysts and 1120 F colour diamonds; my leather-maker in Paris for the gold-foiled alligator case that envelops the bottle and the piano lacquer box reminiscent of the piano waiting for me at home; and the silk, crepe de chine interior to remind the wearer of the sensation of putting luxurious materials next to the skin.”

In the end, luxury doesn’t necessarily mean just throwing money away. Luxury goods need to have a certain amount of artisanal skill involved in creating it, the best materials employed, and creativity and originality thrown in.

Everything that a Roja Parfum By Appointment has.

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