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Strong, Sexy, Successful: More About Men’S Fragrances

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Wednesday, 23 April 2014

If you think perfumes are purely a girl thing, think again. A large number of men wear perfume on a regular basis for practically the same reasons women do – to boost their confidence, to complete their “look” (because some people actually feel naked without perfume), and – this is probably the primary reason for its usage – to increase their chances of attracting a potential mate. A memorable scent comes in very handy in creating a great first impression – choose well, and long after you’ve left the room, your scent lingers, perhaps even in the memory banks of those who were able to catch a whiff.

Here are some interesting facts about men’s fragrances:

The best place to wear your scent is on your biceps

This is because it’s the warmest part of your skin. Heat, being the most effective distributor of scent, makes it stick, so it lasts longer. If you’re traditional, you can also wear it on your pulse points. That is, on your wrists and collarbone. It is common practice to dab or spray on some fragrance behind the ears, but this is actually a no-no, because the skin’s oils are different in that area, thus altering the effect of the fragrance.

It smells better if there’s a hint of pungency to it.

Aside from plant and flower products, which both contribute to the sweet scent of most perfumes, pungent animal products are incorporated into the fragrances of men. This essential component is what usually set men’s scents from that of women’s, which is attributed to its muskiness. This is the reason why popular scents such as Drakkar Noir, Cool Water, and Yves Saint Laurent’s Kouros are a hit amongst men – the muskiness makes these scents more masculine.

You’ll most likely catch a whiff of your scent on a woman.

Thirty three percent of men’s perfumes are worn by women, and not just during special occasions. For example, CK One and CLEAN perfumes are worn interchangeably by both genders. And here’s one more interesting trivia – there is apparently nothing inherently masculine or feminine about a fragrance, according to Roja Dove, a fragrance expert. It all boils down to marketing. Best-selling men’s fragrances, which women like best, are often bought for their own personal use.

Your average cologne lasts two hours, tops.

Perfume lasts anywhere from 6 to 24 hours a day, thanks to its 40% concentration. This means that its compound strength is greater than that of an eau de parfum, which is only at 14%, making it last a maximum of 5 hours on the skin only. Eau de toilette, on the other hand, is at 8%, while cologne, the weakest, is at only 2% – which means you’ll have to reapply after two hours to mask undesirable odours.

Base notes appear after half an hour.

A quick lesson on fragrance notes. Top notes provide the initial impact of the scent, and lasts around five minutes to half an hour, while middle notes provide the body. Base notes, the scent that lingers, become apparent after 30 minutes and are comprised of the largest molecules, so they evaporate more slowly. Most men’s fragrances smell fresh and musky because they are made of ingredients that smell like woods, herbs, and mosses.

Layering isn’t just for women.

A well-known technique to make scents last is to layer them. This technique involves using the same brand and scent of shower gel or after shave before applying your cologne or perfume. These things usually come in a set, to make it more convenient.

There’s such a thing as wearing too much perfume

A good rule of thumb is to have only people within an arm’s length of you be able to smell your scent. Any farther than that, and you’re wearing too much.

Do you think our research makes a lot of sense? Print this out the next time you’re on the lookout for the scent that will ultimately define you!

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