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Rocking The Bed With Aromatherapy

Posted by: Dr. Maria Dublin, on: Friday, 07 March 2014

In the mood for a sack session? We know it's hard to get into the mood if you're sore from the stressful work you had to do, plus many other things that bothers you every day. It's easy to say that you must let all your troubles free and get your mojo rollin' tonight, but if you're muscles are tight and needs a good kneading, then letting it all loose isn't going to do its job to make you in the mood for some lovin' tonight!

Do you know why you're brought into cloud nine whenever you smell a specific food, flower, perfume, or maybe the signature scent of your partner? As soon as we smell that particular fragrance, the olfactory bulb that sits behind our nose is aroused. This sends signals to the limbic system in your brain that makes your cravings for a romp session in bed more intense. Because essential aromatherapy oils are known to contribute to fight depression and anxiety, this further stimulates the pituitary glands to release the happy hormones called endorphins.

Our ancestors did it, too!

History has it that the ancient civilisation made use of aromas to bring their lovemaking into new heights. While Kama Sutra swears by itars and scents to add spice to their sex, some used fragrant oils to add that needed sensation. Currently, we have so many options to hype up libido, but the most effective among all still proves to be aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy essential oils are so fragrant that just one drop of it diluted with water on top of a candle-lit oil warmer may be enough to make a room smell so good. These oils are so strong that you may need a carrier oil like avocado, sunflower or olive oil if you want to apply it on your skin or your partner's. If used correctly, essential oils bring no harm to the body, and may even enable the body to activate its self-healing powers.

A fragrant start

Let's get into business, shall we? But before you get down and dirty with your lover, here are some mood-stimulating fragrances that will get you and your beau started!

1. Jasmine,
This aromatherapy favourite is an effective picker-upper! Commonly used by women to entice their male lovers, this warm scent is also an effective cure against impotence, ejaculation problems and frigidity. Though this is not safe for pregnant ladies to use and is not recommended for ingestion, this blends pretty well with other scents like sandalwood, ylang ylang, rose and citrus oils.

2. Ylang Ylang,
Did you know that placing one drop of this essential oil in a cotton ball could bring magic into your boring sex life? It helps in increasing libido and brings couples closer together. In Indonesia, ylang ylang is used to decorate the matrimonial bed on the wedding night to help newlyweds get it on their first night. Don't use too many of this essential oil, as it causes tremendous headaches and nausea, which we know are not sexy AT ALL!

3. Sandalwood,
Not only is Sandalwood being used to up the mood to make love, this essential oil is also being utilised for meditation and spiritual ceremonies. If you think your man isn't in the mood at all for sexy time, give him a good rubbing with this warm, soothing and erotic aroma.

4. Rose,
Well, we all know that rose is the most popular flower to express love. Its sweet fragrance as an essential oil uplifts the sense of being and the couples' mood. Albeit expensive, this remains one of the favourites since it also helps to boost sexuality and to stimulate women’s reproductive organs.

5. Ginger,
Many South Asian brides swear by the ginger oil. They use it with luscious body creams on their wedding day to attract their husbands to consummate the marriage. Also an effective aroma to increase endurance during lovemaking, this also aids nauseated pregnant mums to breeze through morning sickness.

6. Lavender,
Many women adore this scent, so you should too! It increases blood circulation, especially on the nether region, so a drop or two on your bath is enough to get your nerves started.

7. Orange Blossoms,
First-timers are often too shy to open up and explore this new experience. If you or your partner is a sex novice, try a few drops near the candlewick. Relax and enjoy this first hot moment!

In using aromatherapy to stimulate you and your lover, remember just like perfume that less is more. A drop or two will do, as too much of it may cause adverse effects to you and your partner. You don't want this romantic vibe go kaput when you're just getting started!

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