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6 Popular Perfume Myths Debunked

Posted by: Nikki Gaskins, on: Wednesday, 04 June 2014

There are a lot of myths out there in this great big world, and the perfume industry certainly isn’t immune to any of them. Some of them are downright ridiculous. So we’ve scoured the Internet for some of the biggest myths out there, and below we’ve separated fact from fiction.

Myth #1 — A good perfume must be expensive

This is definitely false. A pricey perfume doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. In fact, you can find a lot of quality perfumes and colognes on our own website, Feeling Sexy, priced very low. Overall, there is a great deal that goes into pricing, way more than the cost of the ingredients. Quite often, the price of a fragrance is dictated by supply and demand.

Myth #2 — Rubbing your skin together after application ‘awakens’ the scent

French perfumer Yann Vasnier says this is simply not true. In an interview with O Magazine, he explained that the friction increases the interaction between the fragrance and your skin’s natural oils. So the next time you apply your favorite scent, hands off!

Myth #3 — Certain scents are meant for men and others for women

GQ Magazine’s Jahnvi Dameron recently went behind the scenes of the multibillion-dollar fragrance industry, revealing that there is actually no such thing as a masculine or feminine fragrance. While some notes like, lavender, mint and basil, are traditionally viewed masculine—the fact is you can wear any scent you like, whether you are male or female. It is more a matter of what smells good to you.

Myth #4 — If you can smell the fragrance you’ve applied, then you’re wearing too much

This is just complete crazy talk. Sure, you don’t want people to smell you a mile away, but think about it. What’s the point of wearing a fragrance if you can’t smell it? If you CAN’T smell it, then there’s a problem. Either you need to see a doctor or get a refund from the store.

Myth #5 — Testers are always stronger than actual bottles

This is another misconception. While a tester may appear stronger than the actual cologne or perfume, neither department store employees nor manufacturers do this deliberately. Several factors can be at play here such as age and exposure to light.

Myth #6-- The shelf life for a fragrance is only about 3 years

This isn’t a complete myth; however, it isn’t entirely true either. Yes, perfumes and colognes can go bad, but it has to do more with how you store it. Heat and light can definitely ruin a good product, so take care of it! If you store them carefully, a bottle may last you for a long time.

Do you know of any other perfume myths floating around? Share them in our comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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