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Perfume Overtime: Make It Last!

Posted by: Perfumeaddict, on: Thursday, 06 March 2014

Has your bottle of perfume failed its job again? Here’s how to make it work to your advantage!

Making an effort to smell good at any given time should not be hard. Some fragrances stay on for so long, while others only last for an hour or two. It is understandably disappointing to buy a bottle of perfume only to realise too late that its lasting power is so weak! While it is equally important to take into consideration a perfume’s final notes before buying, one should also test a chosen variant for its lasting scent.

What if you already bought that appalling and expensive bottle of Eau de Cologne, which scent only lasts for half an hour? Citrus scents usually dissipate faster than any other fragrances; and musk and wood scents lasts longer. Tell you what: there are still ways to extend the life of that fragrance without having to spend a lot! The following tips will make your favourite scent last a lot longer, so you better take down notes!

What season are we in now?

Did you know that our olfactory senses are stronger during hotter months? If you keep a stash of Eau de Parfum with strong fragrances, you might not want to use it during summertime. Instead, resort to fresh, floral and fruity scents that will make it seem that you just got out of the shower. If you’re left with a bottle of an Eau de Weak in Flora and Fauna, try complementing it with bath soap or wash your hair with shampoo similar to the smell of your favourite weak scent. Right after towelling off excess water, slather on rich moisturiser or creamy lotion that smells as good as your fragrance.

Check your pulse!

Another way to enhance the scent of your weak perfume is to put it on pulse points. Now, pulse points are located at the back of your ears and knees, at the centre of your neck, and the most common of it all, the insides of your wrists. You might be used to putting some on your neck, behind your ears or your wrists, but do not ignore the lower part of your body. You may ask how the pulse points became a popular location to sprit perfume on. It’s because these parts of our body have the closest connection to your veins, and heat from these areas stimulate fragrant scents to flourish even more. For sure and long-lasting adhesion though, a dab of unscented petroleum jelly or moisturiser may also work!

Warm and Toasty is Cool and Clammy is a big NO for your perfume!

Now, if you’ve heard of the old adage that anything in excess is bad, here’s to confirm that this applies to how you wear your scents, and your skin type. Anything that causes clammy skin – be it cold weather, AC in low temp or your refreshing bath water –contributes to dry skin. What’s more, anything too warm can also lead to parched skin!

By now you probably know how perfumes don’t cling well to skin that lacks moisture. A well-moisturised skin keeps perfume much longer because its natural oils hold the fragrance notes better than dry skin. If you can’t resist bathing in hot or cold water, it is best to apply a thick and creamy lotion to quench your skin on the spot. To also keep your skin, smooth and supple, do not forget to hydrate and keep a bottle of drinking water within easy reach! Not only is this beneficial for your skin, but it is also good for the body as well.

Hidden agenda: Prolonging the scent of your perfume

The lasting power of your perfume also depends on where you keep it. Some put it in their medicine cabinet while some keep it inside their car’s glove box for accessibility. Where do you keep yours? It is important to keep your stash away from direct sunlight, and away from the bathroom. Heat, moisture and light greatly affects the quality and scent of your perfume, so better tuck away your favourite fragrance from these elements and keep it in a cool, dark place.

Smelling fragrant the whole day need not be a task. Bear in mind the saying mentioned previously that anything excessive can bring ill effects. Know what suits you well and how different scents complement each other. Remember as well, less is more; and anything overpowering is a major turn-off!

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 Good tips ,thanks will follow your advice :-)