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Brace Yourself For Some Perfume Fun Facts

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Thursday, 13 March 2014

For anyone looking to make that great first impression, perfume is a pretty staple part of the overall outfit of the day. In fact, it’s so simple and easy to use that anyone can just put it on without a second thought. But like a lot of things, there’s more to a bottle of fragrance than meets the eye. Feeling a bit curious today? If you’re looking to spritz up your day with a few titbits of information, then here are 10 perfume fun facts for you!

Fun fact #1:

The world’s first chemist to be recorded is a person named Tapputi. According to a discovered and translated Cuneiform tablet, Tapputi was a perfume maker. This same tablet is dated to be from the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamia, the same area which is now comprised of modern-day Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait. The practice of perfume making eventually spread to nearby areas, and then throughout the rest of the world as we know it today.

Fun fact #2:

The earliest kind of perfumes was actually incense-based. The name “perfume” actually came from the Latin phrase “per fumum” meaning “through smoke.” Perfumes and their application then were usually in the form of burning incenses or aromatic herbs.

Fun fact #3:

The Egyptians invented glass, and eventually, perfume bottles. In fact, they were the first in recorded history to fully incorporate perfume into their culture. Making perfume bottles was one of their most common uses for glass.

Fun fact #4:

Your sense of smell is much stronger in warm weather. This is why it’s a bad idea to wear strong fragrances during the summer months. You don’t need to worry though, as there are plenty of fun, light fragrances available in the market that would suit you just fine until then.

Fun fact #5:

Women, in general, have a better sense of smell than men. Studies showed that women have stronger perception when it comes to picking up scents. This is probably the reason why your mom would throw out some carton of milk before your dad even realises that it’s already gone bad.

Fun fact #6:

Technology can now recreate the scent of almost anything under the sun! This technology is called “headspace”. Developed in the 80’s, scientists could use sensors to detect, analyse and perfectly copy the smell of their chosen subjects.

Fun fact #7:

Everyone has their own unique range of picking up scents. Much like fingerprints, no two people could smell exactly the same thing because of our individual “scent blind spots”. Which means if you and a friend enter a room that smells like daisies to you but smells like oatmeal to your friend, it’s pretty normal.

Fun fact #8:

While many different scents exist, there are only seven primary odours. Researchers have classified these scents to be: ethereal (like the smell of fluid from dry cleaning), musky, pungent, floral, minty, putrid (stinky or unpleasant smell) and camphoraceous (like the smell of mothballs).

Fun fact #9:

If you spray your perfume on your hair, its scent will last much longer. While pulse points are the reasonably popular areas to put your perfume on, spraying it on your hair will make the scent much longer because of the oil the hair produces. The fragrance will naturally cling on to these oils, but be careful not to spray too much, as the alcohol in your perfume could also dry up your hair.

Fun fact #10:

The two most common flower fragrances in perfumery are Rose and Jasmine. In fact, it would be pretty difficult to find any brand of perfume that doesn’t utilise these two scents in their scent palette.

That’s about it for these fragrant little fun facts. I hope you enjoyed reading about these bits of knowledge as much as I loved digging for them. Just remember: as much as a good scent can add to the beauty of any outfit, a little bit of knowledge (about your fragrance) goes a long way!

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 Some interesting facts and history here. Enlightening! Thanks!