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Perfume From Leather Gloves

Posted by: Perfumeaddict, on: Monday, 27 October 2014

Leathery scents have been popular for years, and a lot of different variations of what we believe smell like leather have reached the market. Its popularity, which may be contributed largely to the fact that it is equally as plausible for use by both males and females, can also of course be because of its wonderful similarities with leather.

When the leathery scent is bottled up and created into a perfume, the enticing smell turns into something that can be carried around and used anywhere, for people to utilise everywhere to remind them of the smell of leather. Granted, there must be something addictive about leather to make such wonderful scents, which can be found through the history of leathery perfume.

The Bad Smell of Leather

The truth of the matter is, leathery perfumes exist due to the real scent of leather. When leather is processed, it actually has to go through chemicals that will purge the cloth of bacteria, making it clean and safe from decaying away.

Traditionally, this means that the tanning process, or the process wherein leather undergoes different steps to make it marketable, pliable and usable, occurs in places wherein highly disagreeable scents are rampant. The leather itself is processed in liquid vats of disgusting concoctions that obviously emanate a scent that is quite hard to accept and smell.

To remedy this, glove makers began masking the unfavourable smells with certain combinations of scents. These typically began with the use of musk, oils, and a few other components. In the end, the gloves were said to have been perfumed, and their new smell began to be known as leathery perfume. Therefore, leathery perfume is actually not the scent of the leather, but the scent of the perfume that glove makers chose to place on it.

The First Leather Scent

Leathery perfume was first documented when it was worn by King George the third. It was created, not by a perfume maker, but naturally by a glove maker. The king wore the leather perfume in the form of royal English leather. King George III may as well be an accessory to the creation of leathery perfume, since it was he who loved the scent of leather so much that he requested that it be made into a perfume. Because of his power, the leathery scent that began as a mask to bad odours soon graduated into becoming a well-renowned perfume tone.

Gantiers Parfumeurs

Early production of the leathery perfume can historically be attributed to Gantiers Parfumeurs. This is a corporation of glove makers based in Paris who started opting to place masking agents on their merchandise. Their goods, which are leather gloves, had to be given a new scent because their patrons were mostly aristocrats, who would not pay at all for bad smelling gloves. These patrons would give handsome payments for leather gloves that have a certain pleasant smell which we will all come to know as leathery perfume.

The Russians

The scent of leather was basically similar until the Russians decided to apply a few of its own scents to create different leathery smell. Instead of the tones of civet and ambergris of the original leathery perfumes, the Russians decided to incorporate its own opinions. These came in the form of much stronger tones in the perfume because they were inspired by their values. It smells intensely and a little reminiscent of strong personalities. This characteristic of Russian leather is probably largely due to the fact that it uses a certain element to make the leather more pliable and resistant to water: birch tar. The scent of Russian leather became a quite popular perfume for the ladies.

Spanish Leathery Perfume

At the advent of Spanish leathery perfume came the beginning of scenting leather with something else. This meant that more traditional components of perfume where being added to the leather’s scent. These components are the scents of flowers, fruits and herbs.

Today, the leathery scent has been bottled effectively, and it is being used both as a complete scent, and sometimes as a component to a certain perfume. Nevertheless, leathery perfume is a viable perfume with a colourful, amusing history.

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