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Keep That Scent Rollin’ With Travalo Rollerball

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Have you ever felt frustration over the bulkiness of the bottle of your favourite perfume and not being able to carry it around with you? Have you ever wanted to bring your favourite perfume when you travel but have always been worried about placing the bottle in a check-in luggage for fear that the bottle will break and ruin all your other stuff? Have you ever needed to reapply your perfume just before an important meeting or date but was unable to do so?

Now, you can bring your favourite scent with you wherever you go without having to worry about the space it will occupy in your bag or in your purse.

Travalo, maker of handy perfume containers, has come up with another ingenious way so your favourite perfumes can travel with you.

The Travalo technology

Instead of the usual spritzers, Travalo created Rollerball, a roll-on perfume bottle. Has spraying perfume been an issue because of unwanted wastage from loosely spritzing the scent all over the place?

Now, you do not have to worry about wasting perfume when you spray it on your body. Its roll-on technology makes sure that you are able to apply your favourite scent onto the key areas of your body such as the neck, wrists, and the back of your ears. You also do not have to worry about applying your perfume in enclosed spaces since the roll-on technology allows you to spread the perfume directly and evenly on your skin.

Using the same patented technology of Travalo atomisers, you can keep the purity of your perfume. Just remove the cap and spray nozzle of your favourite perfume, insert the tube into the rear end of Rollerball bottle, and your perfume will directly move from the big bottle to the Rollerball without exposure to air. This then eliminates the effects on the integrity of the scent. Now, you do not have to worry about contaminating your eau de toilette or eau de parfum when you transfer from the big bottle into the Travalo Rollerball.

Why choose Travalo Rollerball

Travalo Rollerball is very handy. Its pen-sized bottle can carry up to 4.5 ml of perfume, which can give you hundreds of perfume applications while you are on the go. Also, the smooth leak-proof applicator means that you can bring Rollerball with you anywhere. At just 100 millimetres in length, you can place it just about anywhere. Keep your Rollerball in your jeans, suit, or blazer pocket or in your bag or purse and you can apply your perfume whenever you need to.

Moreover, its compact design coupled with the automatic pressure system means that you can put your Rollerball in your carry-on luggage on-board any aircraft anywhere in the world.

The Rollerball also has an integrated fill level indicator window where you can check if you need to refill the bottle with more perfume. You do not have to be bothered about running out of your favourite scent.

Travalo Rollerball comes in four colours to suit your personality and your outfit for the day, too. Men and women can choose from black, silver, gold, or pink colour variant of Rollerball. Each colour variant is equally stunning.

Now, you do not have to try out perfumes placed in roll-on vials and wonder if the scent will be different from the one placed in the big bottles. You no longer have to agonise about your perfume being less or more concentrated since you can just conveniently, easily, and safely transfer the scent that you like from the big bottle to the Travalo Rollerball.

At a very affordable price, Travalo Rollerball is a convenient and smart way to take your favourite perfume wherever you go. With the fast-paced kind of lifestyle that we lead nowadays, the portability of the things we need on a daily basis is highly preferable. Apart from your smartphone, tablet, and other beauty accessories, Travalo Rollerball will be your handy, trusty, and smart companion to conquering the world one roll at a time.

Get your Travalo Rollerball here. To see the full range of Travalo, please visit our accessories page.

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