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Get Hooked On The World’S 10 Best Perfume Ads

Posted by: Francis Yamin, on: Sunday, 11 January 2015

Fragrance started as something that a woman uses. Over the years, men were taught to need the same. Today, perfume is a staple daily accessory for both men and women whatever the occasion may be. As Serge Lutens, a notable perfume maker, once described it in this manner: “Perfume, in and of itself, is not just an aroma. It is potentially a carrier for the imagination. Perfume is thick; it is poison and pure desire.”

Although fragrances appear merely as aromatic waters in enticing bottles, these scents affect everyone in a number of fervent ways. For this reason, perfumers use erotic advertisements in tapping psychology and associating the scents with desires, passion, masculinity, and femininity.

Every perfume advertisement needs 6 things: popular face, a plot that spells love all over, seductive language, passionate colours, enchanting sounds, and a display of luxury. Here is a compilation of the world’s 10 best perfume commercials from the oldest to the most recent. Feast your eyes for a trip to the sexually arousing and enchanting world of fragrances.

10. Chanel No. 5 “Share the Fantasy” (1982)

This will make you want to share the fantasy of luxury and romance. With a ‘Charles’ and a ‘Catherine’, both men and women will relate to both the ad and scent. The shot with a shadow of an airplane which flew over San Francisco's TransAmerica Building suggests that if you use this lemony, musky Chanel, you will attract wealth and beauty.

9. Coty Wild Musk "A Thousand Quivers" (1983)

Although this advertisement is ultimately hyperbolic, it portrays a parallelism between humans and animals. It suggests that the use of Coty Wild Musk will send the beast within quivering yet hungry for more of the scent. Its script was perfectly timed with the shout of Jane touching Tarzan. It likewise ended magnificently with a call to action: “use it before you stalk”.

Receive a thousand quivers as you watch the commercial here:

8. Calvin Klein “Obsession” (1985)

CK Obsession is a warm combination of floral and oriental scents. One dab smells like it is destined to be sexy, and it is. This ad even projected that, indeed, there is only one thing to be obsessed about – CK Obsession. It is as direct, sensuous, and provocative as Calvin Klein wanted it to be.

Be obsessed with CK in this link: Calvin Klein's archive.

7. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor (1991)

The fragrance that dreams are made of – this is the trademark of the world’s best-selling celebrity perfume. The intriguing manner of how Elizabeth Taylor lent her white diamond earring to a gambler perfectly depicts the fascinating floral fragrance of White Diamond concoction by Sophia Grojsman.

View the diamond here:

6. CK One (1995)

CK One is the first modern fragrance that markets simplicity for both men and women. The minimalist scent and packaging of the perfume was beautifully transformed into this ad:

Men appear in jeans and shirt while women are dressed in jeans or skirts and tank tops. There is not much to see in this ad but it, in totality, shows a lot about the fragrance.

5. Britney Spears Curious (2004)

This commercial has only 1 background sound, a heartbeat, because it shows that Curious is made for independent, mischievous, and fearless women. The ad is engaging, exciting and will surely make anyone curious.

Curiosity may kill the cat but here, the feline is a seductive survivor:

4. Chanel No. 5 “The Film” (2004)

This 2004 advertisement of Chanel is lavish and long. It is approximately a 2-minute feature of Nicole Kidman in a quick reprise of Moulin Rouge. It shows that the unique and subtle timeless classic Chanel No. 5 is a scent of luxury and fame. The bottle does not appear anywhere in the ad but the name Chanel is everywhere and it ends in a shot of Nicole Kidman’s diamond necklace with the No 5 logo.

Watch the reprise through this video:

3. Parfum Parisienne Yves Saint Laurent (2009)

Everything that a man desires in a woman is in YSL Parisienne’s commercial:

It started with Kate Moss and end with Kate Moss. It spelled seduction and beauty all throughout the ad. It likewise showed that Parisienne is primarily made of rose notes.

2. J’Adore Dior “The future is gold" (2014)

J’Adore Dior is pure elegance, class, and style. It features Charlize Theron in a handmade gold dress:

1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle “She is not there” (2014)

Mademoiselle has a delicate yet very seductive scent and this has been brought to life by Pirates of the Caribbean star, Keira Knightley. This ad,

is both magical and mesmerizing the way Mademoiselle is.

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 Chanel number 5 is my long time favourite. New ones are Si, dolce vita by Christian Dior. This is my current favourite. It is different than lots of floral ones.,