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Find Happiness In Your Perfume Bottle

Posted by: Perfumeaddict, on: Tuesday, 06 May 2014

Some say that happiness is a perfume. Or it could be the other way around. You may not believe it, but the right scent and the right perfume can lighten your mood and definitely make you feel happy.

The way fragrances affect the brain has been the cause of studies since time immemorial, hence, the development of practices like aromatherapy. For a long time, too, perfume makers have been looking for the perfect ingredients to scents that would captivate their wearers and those who would catch a whiff, accidentally or otherwise.

Most people buy a specific brand of perfume for two reasons: 1) it aids them in seduction usually through the aid of pheromones, or 2) it makes them feel happy. Considering that most perfume ingredients are proven by researches to be helpful in alleviating feelings of negativity, this may not be very farfetched. Roses and lavenders, for example, are known for having a very uplifting fragrance. Finally, liquorice awakens the feeling of pure bliss.

Vanilla is relaxing, while lemon and jasmine are calming and invigorating. Cinnamon and peppermint, on the other hand, are popular for their stimulating fragrance. Over the course of turning these natural ingredients into perfume, the essential oils containing their pure scent are extracted and enhanced, boosting the effects of the scent.

How does a perfume make you happy?

When you sniff on perfume, the chemicals that cause the fragrance enter your lungs and become part of your bloodstream. This then triggers a number of physiological and psychological reactions through the action of the limbic system, the section of the brain that controls emotion. The most common physiological reaction to fragrances is a rapid change in the levels of brain chemicals, like serotonin that control one’s mood and disposition.

The key to the power of scents and perfumes is their very close connection to memories. Among the five senses, the sense of smell is that which is most closely connected to memory. Smelling a familiar perfume can remind you of a loved one. Smelling the scent of fruits may remind you of the summers of your youth, while smelling flowers could remind you of special friends. In any case, being reminded of these memories can instantly get you up when you are feeling like a downer. The route from the nose to the brain is too short that the brain can hardly modulate its reaction to particular scents. This is also part of the reasons that make the sense of smell very powerful.

Your freedom to choose

Moreover, despite the apparent similarity in goals, there are currently a huge range of perfumes available for those who are financially capable of paying for them. This allows people to choose perfumes that they like, those scents which for them represent their individuality the most. Having the freedom to express who you are, even if it is just through your perfume, can be an uplifting experience.

In a world full of people who are constantly trying to become copies of famous faces, perfumes offer the opportunity to be original. Think of perfume as a celebration of your uniqueness as a person, and consider it as one of the reasons that make you different from everybody else. If you choose the right scent, you may even stand out and get the attention you might want at the moment. This way, perfume makes you feel good and happy about yourself.

So remember: when you are feeling blue and depressed, you do not have to rush to a psychologist or empty your pockets on various vacations and therapies. Try on your favourite perfume first. Fragrances can do a lot to lighten up your mood, make you feel happy, or make you feel good about yourself. All it takes is knowing which scents you react most positively to – in any case, it is most likely your favourite cologne or perfume. So again, whenever you are feeling down, just spritz up and face the day.

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