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Feminine Fragrances For The Boys

Posted by: Nikki Gaskins, on: Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Think a guy can’t smell rosy, fruity or sweet? Well, think again. We are here to tell you they can, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

In actuality, fragrances have no gender. Instead, we only have marketing advertisers to “thank” for giving them male and female identities in order to better sell their products.

However, some guys have had enough and have taken to the web to express their frustration with this marketing ploy.

“I absolutely hate the marketing of a fragrance toward a man or woman specifically,” wrote one male blogger on Pefume Posse. “If you’re a man, wear your “women’s” fragrances proudly. Now that it’s all out in the open, I think I’ll put on some Fracas and wear it proudly.”

Thomas Dunckley also added his two cents, proclaiming that his love for all things sweet started when he first experienced Kingdom, the fabulous scent by Alexander McQueen.

“Can we just abolish this feminine/masculine BS?” pleaded Dunckley, the blog creator of The Candy Perfume Boy. “A fragrance is an abstract composition made up of a variety of natural and synthetic materials, it does not have any genitalia; therefore, it has no gender.”

Woodsy, green and leathery scents have traditionally been associated with men. But guys who stick to just those because they are deemed “manly” are really missing out on many other fragrances.

Whether you’re male or female, forget about the gender rule when it comes to wearing fragrances because there really is none. Simply wear what smells good to you. Why? The reasons are rather simple:

1. You’ll shock people but in a good way:

Think about it. When a guy enters a room, no one expects him to smell like candy, fruit or flower. Men wearing feminine fragrances works well because it is so unexpected. The very same holds true if a woman were to enter a room smelling of cologne.

2. You’ll suddenly become more exciting:

Fragrances can intensify stereotypes. When people encounter a male construction worker, law enforcement officer or soldier, they might expect that person to smell “manly.” Just imagine if that guy walked by wearing White Diamonds or Chanel N°5. Whenever someone breaks society’s standards of normal, even in the smell department, they become fascinating.

3. It’ll Make You Mysterious:

Want an easy way to keep people guessing? Break traditional gender rules. When a guy wears a scent marketed towards women, people will wonder what he is really all about. Heck, it may even confuse some folks. At the same time, it definitely keeps them guessing.

At Feeling Sexy, we say more power to the guys who love wearing scents like Katy Perry’s Killer Queen, Paris Hilton’s Fairy Dust or 360 Pink. We applaud you.

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