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Face Shape Quiz

Posted by: Raymond Chan, on: Wednesday, 09 March 2016

The hair is one of the most noticeable features of a person. People will immediately observe when you get a new haircut or wear a different hairstyle. That is why it is important to ponder about your hairstyle before going to a grooming salon. Trust us, you don't want to hide your hair under a cap all the time until it grows back. Plus, the hairstyle is the final touch for an amazing look. In this article, we will help you avoid having to deal with a bad haircut by showing you the best options for you!

Choosing Your Hairstyle

There are numerous cuts you can choose from. Consider your style and personality when you pick. That way, you will feel comfortable and confident. However, these are not the only factors you must take into account. Your face shape is also an essential consideration. Even the trendiest hairstyle will look unflattering if it doesn't suit your face shape.

There are two main categories of face shapes: round and structured. Under these two are more variations of face shapes. Round faces are either oval or round. Structured, in contrast, includes square, triangle, diamond, and heart face shapes.

Now, go to the nearest mirror, follow the succeeding simple steps to measure and identify under what category your face falls.

Measuring You Face:

1. Stand or sit in front of a mirror so you can see your entire face - from the hairline to below the chin. Pull back all your hair to expose your hairline.

2. Start by getting your face length. Place the edge of your measuring tape (or paper or string) on the top of the forehead, directly in the middle of the face. Run the measuring tape down your face, over your nose, to the tip of your chin.

3. Record this measurement on the scrap paper. Read the number at the end of the measuring tape or just mark it on the string or paper as "Face Length".

4. Look again in the mirror and find the widest point of your face. Depending on your face shape, this could be at your cheeks, forehead, or jaw.

5. Measure the width of your face by running the measuring tape across the widest point of your face, until you come to the same point on the opposite side of your head.

6. Record this measurement on the scrap paper. Read the number at the end of the measuring tape or just mark it on the string or paper as "Face Width".


7.Compare the two measurements and answer the question below.
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Question One:

1.Is your length measurement more than a third longer than the width?

Yes -The length is significantly longer than width

No -The length is not a third longer than the width

Author: Raymond Chan

With over 15 years' of experience as a senior stylist in one of the most prestigious salon in Melbourne, he is no stranger within the Australian beauty industry. Now Raymond managing 2 hair salons, both located in Melbourne CBD.

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