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Expensive Perfume: Aye Or Nay?

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Tuesday, 25 March 2014

There has always been this notion that the more expensive a perfume is, the better it has to be. But is it really? For the curious cats out there, here are various reasons why a bottle of perfume would even be so expensive in the first place. After doing some research, here are three primary reasons for their extravagant pricing.

1. Plenty of time and research are spent making them. Basically, most high-end perfume brands have more funding for their individual research labs for creating and perfecting their scents. A liberal budget means that scientists have more time to experiment and have access to a wider array of ingredients. And let’s not forget that those scientists have to be paid, too.

2. Expensive perfumes contain expensive ingredients. It goes without saying that this is also because of their budget. It also goes without saying that the more expensive ingredients they used, the bigger the number on its price tag. Even just gathering or creating these ingredients adds to the overall cost, whether or not the ingredients are gathered en masse from a flower farm or brewed from a lab.

3. Their overall marketing. Many luxury brands spend millions just to market a scent that’s hard to sell. And you pay for that marketing. Not only that, the fancier the packaging on that perfume, the lighter your wallet’s going to be. You’re paying for that fancy crystal and the diamond studs on the bottle as much as you are paying for the perfume inside, in some case it is more. Although one would argue that the bottle itself is part of the experience.

These points are reasonable enough, don’t you think? A lot of perfume enthusiasts certainly think so. After all, if so much time and effort go into making a bottle of your favourite scent, then it’s got to be better in quality too, right?

... Not necessary. In the end, none of that stuff would matter in light of the cons we’ve found out....

1. There’s probably a less expensive bottle of perfume out there that smells just as good. You don’t really have to think about it that hard. The perfume business is something that’s done over the world, and there’s plenty of variety in the commercial perfume markets. Perfume is just like food: it could be high quality and cheap. You definitely don’t need to empty your wallet or blow your budget just to smell great. This also applied to longevity, expensive perfume does not mean it last longer on your skin. I can spill at least 50 expensive perfumes on top of my head that perform worse in terms of longevity compares to Eternity by CK right now.

2. That price tag makes no difference if you don’t store it right. Regardless of how expensive your perfume is, it’s going to lose its quality pretty fast if you don’t keep your bottle of perfume out of sunlight or if you keep it in a place that’s too cold. Losing $6 is one thing, but it’s quite aggravating to lose about more than $100 just because of a little sun.

Last but not the least,

3. Just because it has expensive ingredients, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe for you. Perfumes have always been listed among the things that scientists say we should avoid because of its potential allergen content. All perfumes, natural or synthetic, are still just chemical cocktails that happen to make you smell better. Regardless of the price, it wouldn’t matter if you have to be rushed to the hospital just for spritzing it on. It’s all the more frustrating if you happen to have sensitive skin.

The last reason wouldn’t be as much of a sore point if perfume manufacturers were as transparent with their ingredients as the food industry. However, all because of a very convenient loophole in the perfume industry’s regulation standards, none of them are obligated to reveal anything.

The worst part is that recent researches conducted on 17 popular perfumes even showed that there are at least 14 unlisted chemicals in them. Among these chemicals was diethyl phthalate, a chemical that’s been linked to various growth problems in about 97% of diagnosed Americans.

Now, do you still think it’s worth shelling out that much cash on something that could get you or the people you care for terribly ill? You know, there’s a reason why these are called “luxury” perfumes. Feel free to look up what that word means when you have the time.

To me, perfume is about taste. Just like food, there are plenty of cheap foods out there that I would prefer to eat right now over that $1000 per kilo black summer truffle. So don’t be afraid to try different perfumes just because the price fall below your other collection.

Here is a question for you to think about: during perfume shopping, are you the type that smell the perfume before look at the price or the other way around? I have both type of friends and each of them have their own reasoning. Which one are you?

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 Interesting piece, I think the journey to discover what fragrances you like is a beautiful one but sometimes expensive too. I wonder what everyone would wear if all fragrances were equally priced regardless of market and ingredients? Like in this article, I have found some fragrances to be longer lasting than their expensive counterparts and in some instances more pleasant, ultimately marketing "helps" many of us to make the "right" decision.