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Deliciously Fragrant: Wearing Your Favourite Food As Perfume

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Friday, 28 February 2014

The scent of bacon and pancakes are enough for you to jump out of the bed in the morning. During midday, the aroma of roasted coffee brewing in the office pantry stops you from dozing off whilst in the middle of a work task. Oftentimes this is your cue to take a break and grab a cup to enjoy with colleagues. On your way home, the neighbourhood patisserie attracts your sense of smell, prompting you to take home a delicious chocolate-filled croissant and maybe a strawberry cupcake topped with luscious cream cheese frosting.

Imagine these scents turned into perfume, and worn by people you work with, stand on queue with to get cinema tickets, or the people you live with. Will these food scents perfume be as appealing as their edible counterparts? The real question here is: Will you be able to stand the smell of it?

Do I smell my favourite meal on you?

Do you love pizza as much as the next person? Pizza Hut Canada created their first perfume in 2012. Mimicking the top notes of freshly-baked pizza dough, the concept of the fragrance started out as a quirky content pushed in by the pizza chain’s third-party social media provider on Facebook. Of course, fans could not get a hold of themselves when they were asked to name the would-be scent now called the Pizza Hut perfume. The company then proceeded into production, and at the end of September, gave away 100 bottles to the first 100 fans who responded to their Facebook announcement that the dough-scent perfume is finally out.

Pizza Hut wasn’t the first one in the food business who made a tasteful move to create a scent based on their products. Popular UK cheese brand Stilton produced the very first bleu cheese scent. Albeit reminiscent of the pungent but savoury cheese, wearers reported that the perfume emitted no foul odour comparable to the real one. On the other hand, Burger King launched Flame by BK in 2009, a meat-scented body spray supposedly for the use of macho men.

Do I smell my favourite dessert on you?

Most people, especially women, are no strangers to fruit-scented sprays. Scents with citrusy notes are popular among young girls and the more sophisticated ladies. Some, though, chose to follow the cocoa-vanilla scent trend. From lotions to perfumes, the nutty variant is indeed stimulating to the olfactory nerve. Sweet-toothed people will also be glad to know that not only do they have to choose between the fruity or the chocolate-y kind because some perfume brands and stores are reeking of oh-so-delicious sweet notes that will automatically let anyone crave desserts.

Now, if you can’t resist sweet treats, you’ll have to thank Chef Jordi Rocha’s ingenuity for creating scents not only appetising to the taste buds, but also to your nose. A mix of lemon, buttercream and cream, Nuvol di Llimona is good enough as a dessert for your sense of smell. Yummy, isn't it?

Some scents and odours bring us back to a quick travel down memory lane. You might remember your dearly departed Nana's scrumptious apple pie, or Mum's baked goodies. Sugar Plum Perfume, inspired by the Night Before Christmas fable, may trigger you to recall the memoirs of Yuletide past; or if you feel like celebrating Halloween on March, Poison Apple Apothecary concocted a Pumpkin Marshmallow Roll-On scent that you could wear to an advance trick or treating.

Everybody just wants to smell nice.

While some perfumers want people to appreciate the smell of what they eat, a handful of them go a little too far. Sushi is filling for a meal, but who wants to smell like fish in a business meeting? Why would you wear something that smelled like swine, when you should be dressed to impress your hot date on the first romantic dinner? Why would you spritz on jalapeño and hot tamale perfume when you're on your way to a job interview? Who does that, really?

Some of the popular delicacies do smell terrific and appetising, especially when being cooked. Here's one last thought to ponder on: Can you fathom to wear a Fish-and-Chips inspired perfume, or a spritz-on Vegemite after-shower scent? It's all up to you, though, if you want to smell as yummy as everyone's favourite nosh!

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