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Christmas In The Air

Posted by: Mia Hudson, on: Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Melbourne Christmas 2015 Flinders Street Station, Melbourne. Image courtesy of

If you could bottle up the scent of Christmas, what would it smell like?

Christmas is just around the corner. As they say, you can already smell it in the air. But what really is the smell of Christmas? Let us count down the ways…

Candles and Incense

Candles and incense are available all-year round, but there are special scents that remind us more of the season, and they are more often used during Christmas. Christmassy candle scents would include bayberry candles and beeswax candles. There is also the solemnity in the smell of incense that makes it reminiscent of the holiday season.


Again peppermint is available all year and not just limited to the season. But its unique minty-sweet flavour brings it closer to our hearts during Christmas. The smell of peppermint is in the air almost always during Christmas. There’s the aroma of warm peppermint tea that abounds, and those sweet peppermint candies and peppermint sticks that melt in your mouth. They even often come in red, green and white combo to match the season.


Christmas is never complete without the Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, and other Christmas decors. I am sure synthetic versions of these abound, even those that really look real and cost a lot, but nothing beats the smell of the fresh cut trees and Christmas greens, that are only relevant and taken out during the season. Sure it may not be the smell of pine and snow during Christmas in Australia, but the smell of Christmas greens still abound, together with the smell of gardenias and frangipanis in full bloom.

Summer Scents

People in the down under do not experience a white Christmas, but rather the opposite. Actually Christmas season often marks the beginning of the summer holidays in Australia. So an Australian Christmas is not reminiscent of the smell of snow, of fireplace, and maybe even of cinnamon and warm wool blankets. Instead, Christmas, especially for school kids, means the 3 S’s – sun, surf, and shopping. The scorching heat of the summer sun sometimes even brings in forest and bush fires, but it is this hot atmosphere that Christmas in Australia represents. But at the same time, summer season means beach season, so surf and sand also comes in the way. It is these unique combination of scents during Christmas that you can experience only in Australia.

Baked Goodies

Almost everyone recognises the smell of hot baked goods, especially those fresh and hot off the oven. Cookies, pies, cakes, bread, pudding, and other baked goods are most popular when it comes to Christmas time. There’s something about baking and baked goodies during Christmas that makes it more special, and the smell more lingering. In every family, there is almost always someone who bakes – the mother, sister, aunt or grandmother, which makes baked goodies during the holidays always a happy memory.

Christmas Food

Of the memories of Christmas, the food will always be one of the most unforgettable. The Christmas season is full of customs and traditions, and it often always revolves around food. One of the most important and most memorable of these Christmas celebrations is the roasted turkey. Turkey is almost often part of every Christmas dinner or any Christmas gathering. Its smell right off the oven lingers with every happy Christmas memory. Apart from roast turkey, the typical Christmas menu is often composed of glazed ham, chicken or duck, seafood, cold deli meats, pasta, salads, different kinds of fruits, and don't forget the dessert -- there's pavlova, pudding, ice cream and fruitcake, pies and of course lots and lots of chocolates.

Crafts and Paper

Gift giving is an old tradition during the Christmas holidays. There is just something about neatly wrapped presents, and the act of opening them and getting a good surprise that warms every heart during the Christmas season. Newly opened gifts also have that distinct smell, as well as the scent of the wrapping paper and other arts and crafts that naturally abound only during this season.

The Christmas season comes only once in a year. Each and every one has lovely memories of Christmas, which includes not just the sights and sounds of it, but the different scents and smell that fill the air as well. Christmas is definitely a festive season and instant mood uplifter that if only it could last longer - especially the warm fuzzy unexplainable feelings that it brings, coupled with the various Christmassy scents. If only these can be bottled up and sniffed every once in a while even though it’s not Christmas time, just to remind us of how happy the season is, whenever we’re feeling blue.

Finally, Feeling Sexy team would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas, and may this new year bring you joy and laughter.

Author: Mia Hudson

Graduated in late 2003 from School of Computer Science in RMIT University majoring in software engineering. Employed by Coles Group developing Coles Online until it was taken over by Wesfarmers in 2007. Co-Founder of and Lead programmer since 2006.

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