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Cheap Vs. Expensive Perfume

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Monday, 27 April 2015

Perfume selection is culturally regarded as an insignia of personal taste. People will always come to associate you with the smell you choose. Whether you opt for a cheap sweet scent or a luxurious fragrance, your choice will define you as an individual.

Do the differences between cheap and expensive perfumes matter? Yes, they do. If your olfactory system is not meticulous enough, there is no way for you to recognise an expensive perfume from a cheap one. First of all, both scents are produced as oils or sprays. Both cheap and expensive scents are applied predominantly to the pulse points, such as the wrists and sides of the neck. These are ideal body parts for perfumes and colognes because the heat causes them to warm and diffuse.

Redefining fragrant boundaries

The difference between cheap and expensive fragrances is like a ute versus luxury car. Just like ute, cheap perfumes are affordable and are often being purchased for daily use. Another distinct discrepancy that may catch your attention is perhaps the way cheap and expensive perfumes emerged in the market. Cheap scents are manufactured and commercially reproduced to fill the stands in drug stores. Meanwhile, scents are dubbed as expensive and luxurious when they came from designer brands.

Low-priced scents are infused with chemicals that produce a distinct odour. Most of the time they have a limited shelf life and should be consumed with care. Cheap perfumes may smell exactly like expensive perfumes, but you know they do not last long. One relevant deviating factor of cheap fragrances is that they do not have a lateral scent. Unlike posh body sprays, they do not feature top, middle, and base notes.

Just imagine wearing the same scent throughout the day. It can be a little irritating to the nose and nauseating to those around you. The fact that the cheap scents do not change for a long period of time can be a little revolting. It may appeal to you for the first 20 minutes, but your nose will soon reject it.

Sweeter and bolder than average

Whenever you shop for a perfume, you always look for a fragrance that projects your identity and charisma. Everyone would love to flaunt their unique and exquisite taste through perfumes. Nobody wants smell like fabric conditioner or some toilet cleaner during a corporate meeting or a formal gathering. Well, admit it or not, quite a number of cheap perfumes in the market exude a “cheap” smell.

Cheap fragrances are sweeter and reek stronger. Of course, this is not because sweet-smelling chemicals are inexpensive. It is because they feature a mixture of alcohol-based scent and pre-made artificial fragrance. With its bold take on scents, their aroma is potent, heavy, and unchanging. Even more so, cheap perfumes are directed and marketed toward the younger generation. According to research, teenagers tend to underscore a poor sense of smell. They see cheap perfumes as an average way to smell nice and be charming.

The subtle sophistication of expensive perfumes

More than just a progressive industry, perfume making is an art. The creation of perfumes is an alchemical procedure considered by many as a unique and delicate art form. For instance, there is art and science behind the production of expensive scents that are undeniably sensual, desirable, and sophisticated. Such fragrances are painstakingly developed under strict regulations and tested by a team of chemical specialist.

Expensive scents are made to justify and give meaning to life, and not just for the sake of smelling good. Known brands present expensive perfumes as a lifestyle and a critical fashion choice. It is as if a luxury item such as a body spray can make or break your being.

Each expensive perfume has a purpose to serve. One perfume might be designed specifically to attract a lover. It is marketed as appealing, enticing or treacherous. Another might have a pleasing positive scent geared toward the feeling of brightness and great possibilities. Some might even embody the archetype a temptress, a lovely muse, or a rugged woodsman.

For perfumers who produce expensive scents, there is more to a luxury cologne than meets the eye. Apart from being your dream smell, luxury body sprays try to induce an experience, idea, or even a moment once buried at the deepest recesses of your mind.

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 Very good explanation and insight full. Bhaavish