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Calvin Klein Releases Ck2

Posted by: Mia Hudson, on: Wednesday, 02 December 2015

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Who could ever forget the alluring scent of Calvin Klein’s CK One? It was not just one of the ordinary fragrances you’ll find in stores and boutiques. It is a scent suitable for both men and women with an appeal that is hard to resist, characteristic of the generation that it represents. Even after its first release 21 years ago, CK One is still a hit among many perfume lovers in the world. Picking up from the success of CK One, Calvin Klein came up with a new gender-free scent: the CK2.

Move Over CK One, Here Comes CK2

So what’s new with CK2? The Executive Vice President for Category Development of Coty Inc. Mr. Camillo Pane explains that CK2 highlights the numerous ways in which two people can connect in our time today. It is targeted specifically for the millennial generation who have a high regard for genuineness and flexibility. CK2 embodies these ideals in all of its components, from its packaging, scent, down to its publicity.


The design of CK2’s bottle screams innovation. It preserves the minimalist vibe that is characteristic of the Calvin Klein brand with a cylindrical glass bottle and unblemished cover. The label was incorporated with a twist, as it was meant to be read upside down.

CK One vs CK2 Bottle
CK2 bottle design in comparison to CK One


Just like in any other Calvin Klein products, publicity is an essential part of the CK2 release. Calvin Klein has enlisted the help of Ryan McGinley, an accomplished photographer who has won several accolades in his career. The theme of the images to be released in both TV and print ads aim to commemorate the variety of connections people share today.

The Scent

Of course every Calvin Klein fanatic will still be particular on the scent. CK2 was described to have a scent that is woody and urbanised. Several notes were used such as mandarin, violet leaf, wet cobblestones, wasabi, sandalwood and erm. One might think that using wasabi as a note might be out of this world, but it has already been part of the scent in many perfumes today. However, CK2 is the first to use wet cobblestones, something that everyone should look forward to. Not even the leading modernistic fragrance Demeter uses wet cobblestones as one of its notes.

The Long Wait Will Be Worth It

Many of us may already be on the edge of our seats, but CK2 will be officially released in stores next year: February 2016. It will be sold in three kinds of eau de toilette forms, including a pocket-sized spray and bottle with a roller. The price for the bottle with roller is expected to be at $18. An eau de toilette bottle of 3.4 ounces will be sold at $75. Calvin Klein assures that the long wait will be worthwhile, because CK2 is a fragrance that will exceed the expectations of many. It will raise the standards of fragrances that are available today.

Catch Calvin Klein’s new fragrance first here in Feeling Sexy Australia

It has always been our mission to introduce to clients new fragrances. It will be our utmost joy to help you experience the wonders of CK2. Once CK2 is released you can expect it to be available here in our online store. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through email or at (03) 8360 3791.

CK2 Advertising Campaign
CK2 advertising campaign

Author: Mia Hudson

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