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Alien Eau Extraordinaire: An Out Of This World Concoction

Posted by: Perfumeaddict, on: Wednesday, 06 August 2014

In 2005, Thiery Mugler created ALIEN Eau de Parfum, a mysterious and intriguing fragrance that bottled the radiance of a solar goddess. Eau Luminescente and Sunessence, which are summer limited editions of the original, then succeeded it. Four years later, Thiery Mugler revealed the latest from its line, ALIEN Eau de Toilette, which brought the signature notes of citrus, jasmine, and amber that ALIEN was known and loved for.

Thiery Mugler didn’t stop evolving the ALIEN perfume line and released ALIEN - Alien Essence Absolue, Eau de Parfum Intense in 2012. To the delight of this line’s enthusiasts, it kept true to the light, fresh and sweet allure of the ALIEN perfumes.

Now, two years later, perfumers Dominique Ropion and Veronique Nyberg Have created the latest of the Thiery Mugler ALIEN perfume collection – the ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire.

What makes ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire stand out?

For those who have fallen in love with the divine and sultry fragrance of the ALIEN perfumes, the new ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire was like a gift from the sun goddess herself. It is a rich and fiery concoction bottled in illuminating crystal that captured the characteristic floral notes of its predecessors, yet added a twist in its citrus and bergamot notes.

ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire is a bottled spring of femininity and enchanting sensual freshness that exudes radiant optimism and positive energy. It is an embodiment of sunny and bright existence, capturing the personification inspired by the sophisticated and serene sun goddess.

A captivating and alluring blend of tea, bergamot and Tunisian Neroli comprise top notes of the ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire. While the exotic Tiare flower, warmed and made richer with the highly sensual scent of white amber, make up the heart notes. The new ALIEN fragrance was successful in bringing about a sense of tranquillity and lightness to its wearers.

The ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire comes in a flacon that remains true to the classic Thierry Mugler style. Encased in a gem-shaped bottle with golden details, the perfume appears to be much rounder than its forerunners. It has more spacious bottom and its transparent glass perfectly displays the freshness and sensuality of the pale beige perfume. The icy beige details of the bottle also perfectly complement the warm colour of the fragrance.

The design of the bottle was inspired by the marquise cutting of gemstones. This “marquise style” means cutting stones into 56 facets, a feat only skilful master cutters in eighteenth century can hope to achieve.

This style of cutting was known to have been inspired by King Louis XV’s love for the Marquise de Pompadour. By adapting it to the Eau Extraordinaire bottle, it pays tribute to their romance and to the renowned beauty of the marchioness. The effect is definitely magical and stunning. It was also inspired by the enchanting beauty of the sun goddess, and hopes to capture the mystique and luminosity of her intense energy.

Energy and Happiness in a Bottle of ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire

Eau Extraordinaire is a concentrated formula of luminous happiness and serenity, which connects to its wearers with its energising notes of citrus and flowers. It is both ethereal and festive, and radiates femininity, through its sweet and tangy bouquet of neroli, tiare and heliotrope.

A spray of ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire awakens the senses, by filling your being with sunny energy and flirty sensuality. It is rich enough to emanate a voluptuous aroma, yet not too heavy to wear both day and night.

Its alluring scent is known to have drawn friends, family, and even strangers to its wearer. It captivates the senses and piques curiosity, which makes it irresistible to not ask: what scent are you wearing? Be prepared to receive an endless stream of compliments from friends and strangers alike as you go out and about your day. The scent is too mysterious and enchanting to ignore, and will invigorate and entice those around you when you wear it.

The ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire is the perfect perfume to reinvent yourself with. Give yourself a fresh identity with this radiant fragrance that is sure to energise not only you, but those around you as well.

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