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A Review: Repetto By Maison Repetto

Posted by: Perfumeaddict, on: Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Maison Repetto, the luxury artisan house started by a beloved costumer to the Paris Opera House, launched this fragrance to accompany their growing line of merchandise like shoes, handbags and apparel. Co-produced with Interparfums which employed famed nose Olivier Polge and launched as the first product to be developed under a 13-year fragrance license agreement, Repetto by Maison Repetto has stuck by with what it was known best and arabesqued its way to instant fame since its mid-2013 launch date.

A Ballet Fantasy

The pink bottle that appears to swirl evokes graceful movement fit for any young miss who once dreamt of dancing like a swan. In fact, it was the image of its spokesperson Paris Opera Ballet prima ballerina Dorothee Gilbert which lured us to this latest offering from Repetto and had us waiting on our toes months away from its release.

The history of the house which decked the feet of everyone relevant in the world of ballet, from the likes of Brigitte Bardot to Vanessa Pardis, is indelibly inked on the perfume. The whole concept of Repetto by Maison Repetto is to take every young miss, aspiring dancer or not, into a ballet fantasy with every spritz.

Having said that, the performance that Repetto takes on is far from Black Swan. Like its bottle, it is as frilly as it gets. Presumably marketed for young ladies not over twenty one years of age, it smells very hip – fruity, sweet and probably the best olfactory definition of youthful pretty.

A New Classic

While being extremely contemporary, the Repetto is reminiscent of classics like Chanel Chance or Coco Mademoiselle. It takes the floral gourmand track and is spined with roses and orange blossoms. It opens up with pear and cherry blossoms while it has for its base amber wood and vanilla pod. The sweetness comes from the fruity patchouli which accompanies the drydown. Overall, that makes for a very vibrant take on a mainstream scent; quite playing on the safe according to other reviews which can also be translated as very commercial.

Is there anything wrong about being commercial for the first perfume of the brand? The nose, famed for his previous bestseller Lancome’s La Vie est Belle, has been quoted to say that the perfume should have a “… hand-sewn effect by combining a selection of luxurious and authentic raw ingredients. A musky powdered rose, real quintessence of femininity. It’s a refined formula for which I had the pleasure of using essence of rose and vanilla.”

He has intended Repetto by Maison Repetto to be what it is: sweet and feminine like the brand it represents. In this aspect, it has undeniably succeeded. But did it achieve a hand sewn effect to feel like the bespoke characteristic of the traditional Repetto ballet flat? The all too familiar notes are not to be missed. This is probably the main reason why connoisseurs hint at its lack of originality. However, just because it is very commercial does not mean it is bland and trite. The perfume is well put together as you would expect from a quality signature perfume. It lingers and could have you smelling like a sweet prima ballerina for hours.

Like a prima ballerina

Ultra-feminine yet strong, that is what prima ballerinas are on their toes. While the perfume may be more feminine than strong, Repetto by Maison Repetto exudes of a vibrant confidence that only a prima ballerina would have. The tinted glass bottle stands proudly, sealed with the Repetto’s iconic ‘r’ and knotted with the much coveted ribbon of the Carlotta ballerina which hangs down elegantly to a pendant.

La Maison Repetto is no longer limited to the province of dance. Its popularity in Europe and its growing cult following in Asian countries like Japan proves that the glamorous artisanship that was once the sole province of the Paris Opera House is now a viable export in the perfume world as well. For what it is worth, all frilly packaging and advertising aside, the Repetto by Maison Repetto still earns its namesake; it is a perfume which is a dance in itself.

The Repetto Le Parfum Eau de Toilette comes in 30, 50 and 80 ml. Its gift package with the accompanying body milk also comes in a really pretty-in-pink ensemble reminiscent of the classic music box that is every girl’s dream, complete with the silhouette of a dancing ballerina in a mirror adorning the lid.

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