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A Little Thing Or Two About Ozonic Scents

Posted by: Shopgirl, on: Friday, 03 October 2014

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to perfume scents. Some may typically prefer the floral scents while some may prefer refreshing citrusy scents as their choice of perfume. But there is another really good choice – it’s called ozonic perfumes.

Refreshing and Invigorating: Ozonic Perfumes

An ozonic perfume, also known as aquatic or oceanic perfume, is a type of perfume fragrance that has a clean and aquatic scent. It is perfect for those who love the cool, and fresh scents of the ocean, and very fitting for people who have a clean and sleek fashion sense. It is really alluring to anyone who loves the sea or the beach because other than the typical marine scent, it has a touch of other scents that one typically see or feel at the beach.

Ozonic perfumes have gentle yet alluring scents. Unlike most perfumes, the smell is not too overpowering even during the warm climates when perfume evaporates easily. Ozonic perfumes have a gentle or delicate scent fit for everyday use which makes it the ultimate scent for either a formal party, a job interview or just laid back day out with friends.

History of this Scent

Introduced in 1988, ozonic scents are actually one of the newest perfume scents in the market. Ozonic perfumes were made to cater to both sexes as the scents have with them very androgynous properties.

The scent is created by using a synthetic scent, such as calone, and mixing it with other scents quite reminiscent of the oceans, such as flowery, oriental, or woody fragrances, to simply add a gentle touch to the simple breezy scent of the perfume. Sometimes, the base notes of this scent is musk, sandalwood, or cedar made aquatically aromatic through a combination of other synthetic scents.

Davidoff Cool Water and Christian Dior’s Dune are some of the first ozonic scents introduced in the market.

Oceanic Perfumes’ Popularity: Popular Choices for Men

Ever since this scent was introduced in 1988, it has been one of the top choices for men. Who wouldn’t want to keep himself smelling fresh all day long anyway?

One of the many ozonic perfumes for men would be the Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani, Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren, and Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein.

Acqua di Gio Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

It really captures the essence of nature and the breeze in the bottle. Acqua di Gio exemplifies the perfect marriage between scent and nature because it has a good combination of scents and smells that are so appealing and invigorating that you can’t resist not trying it out for yourself!

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

It is one of the best cologne choices for active, outdoorsy men because it gives off that crisp and fresh scent. It has a mixture of scents reminiscent of the fresh open water and breezy air you experience every time you go out to the sea.

Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein

Another unique take on the ocean experience is Eternity Aqua. It not only gives an icy cool feeling, but it also has that little kick of chilled citrusy smell. Just like a day of relaxation by the bay.

Oceanic Perfumes’ Popularity: Popular Choices for Women

While flowery scents may be one of the more obvious choice for women, oceanic or aquatic scents have also been one of the best choices, because it is a refreshing reminder of the most perfect summer day out on the beach.

Some of the top picks for women are Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden, Cool Water Woman by Davidoff, and Giorgio’s Beverly Hills Ocean Dream.

Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden

This scent is the perfect mood changer because of its oceanic yet fruity smell. Making it the perfect scent to start and end the day with a positive and perky attitude.

Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

Cool Water Woman is a unique and refreshing twist to the typical ocean scent. It is youthful and playful because it gives off a tropical feel with every spray.

Beverly Hills Ocean Dream by Giorgio

This oceanic scent isn’t perfect without that added romance. With a combination of vanilla, musk and water plants, you are sure to think of that sensual summer romance.

With all the popular scents out there, choosing the perfect scent may be difficult. Be sure to check out ozonic scents too for an everyday refreshing feeling you are sure to love.

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