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5 Things You Don't Know About Fragrance

Posted by: Mia Hudson, on: Monday, 09 November 2015

5 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Fragrance Image courtesy of mercola.com

It’s absolutely undeniable that fragrances are enchanting. As no two finger prints are the same, no fragrance would smell the same way on every person. This has everything to do with the chemical and fragrance composition, its layering, and the melting temperature applied on it. Fragrance is so powerful it can induce a certain feeling when it’s particular to us and it can make us remember memories from the past.

Your no. 1 perfume store, Feeling Sexy, sheds some light on all things olfactory not even the most avid perfume wearer knows about. Here are five of them.

1. Fragrances can be layered so you can invent your own signature scent.

Fragrances were created to be personal, so if you’re hesitant about mixing and matching scents, don’t! Go ahead and experiment by layering scents. A good suggestion is to start from something basic then experiment on building it from there to figure out which scents work or don’t work for you.

Be warned, however, that you should not be heavy handed when experimenting as some notes only work with a selected few. Not all notes will perfectly work with what you wanted them to go with. No wonder master perfumers study for more than seven years before they get a grasp of the totality of the art of fragrance. Despite this warning, we encourage everyone to still give experimenting their own enticing signature fragrance a try even if you don’t possess a French fragrance nose.

2. Fragrances’ smell shifts at varying temperatures.

There are notes which will be powerful at boiling point and notes which won’t be as strong. It has a direct relationship with the liquid’s and oil’s evaporation or boiling points. For this reason, your favourite fragrance may smell differently on other people than how you smell when you wear it. This is to be expected for you have different skin types and body temperatures. This is also another friendly reminder to everyone not to leave their perfume bottle anywhere near the window for heat and light from outside can completely alter it.

3. There’s a specific chemical formula needed for fragrances for varying things.

The formulas of fragrances vary depending on what kind of thing you’re trying to make the fragrance for. It can be a candle, body lotion, body spray, or diffuser. Each has its own formula to achieve the desired scent.

Moreover, fragrance is all about temperature. Take a candle’s hot throw and cold throw as an example. A candle would give off varying scents when burning (hot throw) and when not yet burning (cold throw). The secret is to get all the notes that make up the scent to smell the same at the choice of temperature. So for perfumes, it should be body temperature. On the other hand, use room temperature for a diffuser and burning temperature for a candle.

4. The environment has a direct impact on your sense of smell.

If you work in an industry that makes or sells fragrance, your olfactory nerves will be trained to pick up even the most complex kinds of fragrance. You’ll develop the ability to smell fragrance from afar whether it’s just a basic scent or that which is made up of many layers. This is because the sense of smell is heightened with frequent and consistent use. And just a quick trivia: Europe was the centre for complex fragrances.

Chanel Chance
Chanel Chance Collection

5. Your genes are so powerful it can influence the kinds of scent which can captivate you.

Experts have spent a long time researching about whether smell has an important role in the process of attraction between two people. They’ve also went on to experiment to see whether people have the ability to smell their perfect partner. Some people swore to how it is true that you’ll know the person is the one for you by the way they smell while some others are not. But the truth remains that your genetic makeup it the reason why some scents turn your world upside down and some others put you off. This is because every person has their own natural scent and this is why perfumes smell differently when worn be different people.

Author: Mia Hudson

Graduated in late 2003 from School of Computer Science in RMIT University majoring in software engineering. Employed by Coles Group developing Coles Online until it was taken over by Wesfarmers in 2007. Co-Founder of FeelingSexy.com.au and Lead programmer since 2006.

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